Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting – Awards Luncheon

December 14, 2021

Yorktown Town Hall


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Greg Hinshaw, Pete Olson, Bonita Ramirez, Tyler Ewing, Ed Armantrout, Keith Gary, Debbie Gary, Sarah McCord, Nanci Perry, Kirk Perry, Steve Stroeh, Mary Ann Stroeh, Kristi Ingram, Chris Day, Rich Lee, Matt Anderson, Carly Acree King, Tim Williams, Amy Spangler, Deb Elam, Olivia Buffin, Leigh Koger, Scott Koger, Leo Koger, Michelle Tinch, Alison Tokar, Becky Monroe, Brendon Comp, Reed Lovitz, Meredith Lovitz, Rachel Shively, Jason Shively, Maureen Walby, Julie Bering


SECRETARY REPORT:               Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:               Approved as submitted.


LUNCH:                                              Catered by Westminster Village




Spirit of Small Business           Amy Spangler – Owner, Mr. Mouse (presented by Keith Gary):

Amy Spangler purchased Mr. Mouse ten years ago and it continues to be a thriving business in downtown Yorktown. This past year, Amy volunteered to serve as chairman of the recently formed Civic Green Committee, a group of local business owners dedicated to providing activities and entertainment in downtown Yorktown. Amy overcame her first obstacle of obtaining a stage for the performers by entering into a contract with the Muncie Parks Department to rent a stage for the 2021 season at a great savings in costs for the Yorktown Chamber.


Amy’s efforts have made Yorktown a destination for many people during this past summer and has already booked numerous entertainers for the 2022 concert series at Civic Green. Congratulations to Amy Spangler for her efforts and dedication to Yorktown and the Chamber.


Outstanding Contribution to Education – Rachel Shively, Pleasant View Elementary – Kindergarten (presented by Kyle Hall, Dean of Students, Yorktown Elementary School)

Rachel Shively has been involved in education for 19 years and has been serving as a kindergarten teacher for the past five years. Mrs. Shively pours her heart and soul into her students, loving each student unconditionally as she develops them into the best version of themselves.


Mrs. Shively is creative and organized and works diligently to make the kindergarten experience magical for her students and parents. A letter to the Chamber from Kathy Ray, Principal at Pleasant View said, “Rachel is an extremely competent teacher and possesses strong characteristics as a teacher leader.  She is organized, creative, knowledgeable, and collaborative. Rachel exemplifies integrity, dedication and a strong work ethic. She is a team player and a great part of the PVE Staff.”


Congratulations to Rachel Shively for your outstanding contribution to education.




Excellence in Public Service:      Dr. Greg Hinshaw, Superintendent (presented by Alison Tokar: During the past two years, schools, locally and nationwide, have faced many problems including navigating the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Hinshaw was able to maintain in-person learning during this difficult time. Academic performance still remained high as evidenced by positive test results and academic performance.


Dr. Hinshaw has overseen a major renovation at the Yorktown Middle School while adding new tennis courts to the developing sports complex. Dr. Hinshaw further raised teaching salaries to maintain pay at the highest level in the area, while keeping the district’s finances in excellent shape.


Dr. Hinshaw was installed this year as President of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents, becoming the first of his peers to be honored in Delaware County.


Dr. Hinshaw has led the Yorktown Community School system with integrity, wisdom, respect and care for others. All of these accomplishments have been fundamental to the success of the Yorktown schools.


Congratulations to Dr. Greg Hinshaw for his contribution to Education in Yorktown.


Community Impact – Nanci Perry, Yorktown Farmers Market  (presented by Pete Olson): Nanci Perry, a lifelong resident of Yorktown and has a long history in community engagement. When Nanci was asked to become the Yorktown Farmers Marketplace Market Manager, she jumped at the chance to serve her local community.


Nanci became the fourth Farmers Market Manager and quickly recruited  Jeff Tingler and Christina Mann to assist with various aspects of the project. Through her efforts the market has grown to more than 100 vendors, with more than 50 vendors each week during the regular season.  Through modernizing efforts, the use of SNAP benefits increased 400% in 2021 and expanded payment options to include WIC, Senior Nutrition, and IU Health Bucks. The Yorktown Farmers Market was voted number four market in Indiana in 2021.


The market was intentional about having special attractions each month including food trucks, live music and car shows as well as building connections and partnerships with both Delaware and Madison Counties, sharing vendors, ideas and training opportunities.


Nanci has several important goals for the future of the Farmers Market including a permanent building, small business hub/retail store front, vendors opening their own stores, and a paid staff to assist with this much needed addition to the community.


Congratulations to Nanci Sears Perry for your outstanding contribution to the Yorktown community.


Lifetime Achievement Award – Becky Monroe, Yorktown Historical Alliance (presented by Marc Goodpaster) – Becky Monroe has been a mainstay in the Yorktown Community for many years. She has contributed to the community in numerous ways including the creation of the town historical alliance plus being involved in both the alliance and museum, the Buck Creek Festival, the Luminary Festival, and the Yorktown Alumni Homecoming Committee. Becky also worked in the Township Assessor’s Office for a number of years, having lived in the Yorktown area her entire life.   Becky encouraged everyone to share stories about their childhood with their families because those are memories than can become lost. Many thanks to Becky Monroe for her efforts in the preservation of the Museum and historical alliance and her contribution to the Town of Yorktown.


Congratulations to Becky Monroe for a lifetime of service to the Yorktown Community.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Slate of Officers Approved as Presented – Keith Gary, President; Mark Goodpaster, Vice President; Maureen Walby, Secretary; Kristi Ingram, Treasurer.

Motion was made by Ed Armantrout and seconded by Bonita Ramirez that the following officers and board member be authorized to sign checks on behalf of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce: Keith Gary, Mark Goodpaster, Ed Armantrout, Maureen Walby, Kristi Ingram. Motion carried.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Yorktown Kiwanis Club is selling Abbotts Caramels, please see Ed Armantrout. Lunch and Learn will begin February 17, at noon at Yorktown Town Hall building. Ted Ward will be the speaker and topic to be announced.  The second Lunch and Learn is scheduled for April 21, at noon at Yorktown Town Hall.  Cost is free for Chamber members.


TIP OF THE MONTH:  Mark Goodpaster – Congratulations to all the recipients of the Yorktown Chamber Awards! Mark added that we all have gone through a great deal during 2021, but he is very glad to see people together, talking and sharing. He stated that we often take our lives for granted and this Christmas season should be a time for rejoicing, sharing, and being together with family, friends.


MEETING ADJOURNED:           Next meeting – January 18, 2022 – Yorktown Town Hall