Past Recipients

Spirit of Small Business: Farmhouse Creative
Outstanding Contribution to Education: Taryn McKnight
Excellence in Public Service: Kris Thornburg
Community Impact: Amy Carroll-Spangler, Christiana Mann, Kat Blankenbaker
Lifetime Achievement: Mary Ann and Steve Stroeh

Public Service: Dr. Greg Hinshaw, Yorktown Community Schools’ superintendent
Education: Rachel Shively, Pleasant View Elementary School
Small Business: Amy Spangler, Mr. Mouse for her Yorktown Civic Green work
Community Impact: Nanci Perry, Yorktown Farmers’ Market
Lifetime Achievement: Becky Monroe, Yorktown Indiana Historical Alliance

Small Business: US Architects
Education: Clay Arnett
Public Service: Lane Turner
Community Impact: American Legion Post 331
Lifetime Achievement: Barb Baker, Luminary

Education: Mrs. Cathy Stagge, YES teacher
Small Business: Erin Hill of Lois Pearl
Community Impact: 5 Tool Academy, founded by Mark and Heather Taylor
Community Service: Erin Hurley, administrative assistant for Town

Community Impact: Four for the Fourth’s Pete Olson, Chris Day, Christy Baker, Bob Ratchford
Public Service: Tim Caldwell and Ben Strunk
Education: Ryan Green
Small Business: e-Keeper Systems

Small Business: Chris Day, Edward Jones
Public Service: Town manager Pete Olson
Education: Ben Buehler, Yorktown physics and chemistry teacher
Community Impact: Yorktown Council for the Arts

Small Business: US Architects
Community Impact: Yorktown Church of the Nazarene
Public Service: Yorktown Fire Department Chief David Boone
Education: Shannon Riegle, YES 5th grade teacher

Citizen of the Year: Yorktown superintendent Jennifer McCormick