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The Yorktown Chamber provides member businesses and individuals opportunities to network with other professionals in the community and surrounding area. Being a member also allows you to keep informed of local developments in Yorktown.

On March 7th, 2024, Tisha Gierhart from the Shafer Leadership Academy will present Fusion: Leading Multi-Generational Teams. This presentation is a hands-on journey to a better understanding of people and what makes them think and act the way they do, especially as it relates to their generational background. This workshop will equip participants to be more effective leaders through understanding the challenges, opportunities and best practices in leading multi-generational teams.

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Yorktown prides itself on its parks and friendly family atmosphere. Morrow’s Meadow Park is a welcome retreat when you need to relax. Walking trails, playground and picnic areas are available free of charge. Any of the three shelters can be rented for family or business events. The addition of the bridge over Buck Creek connects the park to our newly rebuilt and revitalized downtown. Businesses provide a unique opportunity to browse, shop, or enjoy a meal, enveloped in the small town charm of our community.



Every third Tuesday of the month

starting at 8:00 am

Yorktown Town Hall  |  9312 W. Smith Street, Yorktown, IN 47396