Welcome Statement from the President

Screenshot 2014-02-16 00.46.43On behalf of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, I’d like to welcome you to our town. We hope this website will assist you in discovering all that Yorktown has to offer, and more. The Yorktown Chamber provides member businesses and individuals opportunities to network with other professionals in the community and surrounding area. Being a member also allows you to keep informed of local developments in Yorktown. The Chamber takes an active part in the beautification and development of downtown Yorktown. We have sponsored several projects in recent years including the Yorktown Memorial Plaza and the Memorial Brick Plaza, the Annual Christmas Luminary Festival, as well as an annual community directory.

Our Mission:

The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes the unity of businesses and organizations with residents by providing resources, networking and promoting opportunities to encourage business patronage, thereby fostering a cohesive community thus enhancing our quality of life.

Chamber Officers:
Keith Gary, President
Mark Goodpaster, Vice President
Maureen Walby, Secretary
Ed Armantrout, Treasurer
Leslie Baim, Past President

Luminary Committee:
Barb Baker – Chair
Leslie Baim
Becky Monroe
Vickie Craig
Diana Thornburg
Vicki Hornbaker

Community Relations Committee:
Leslie Baim

Membership Committee:
Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves

Social Media/Website:
Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves

Awards Committee:
Sarah McCord – Chair
Starr Manning

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce ambassadors is a group within the Chamber designated to welcome new members, attend ribbon cuttings, and to assist with community events on behalf of the Yorktown Chamber. The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce serves business organizations in Yorktown and surrounding area.


  • Maureen Walby – Chair
  • Tim Williams
  • Diana Smiley
  • Carolyn Buffy Grieves
  • Ed Armantrout
  • Mary Ann Stroeh
  • Donna Penticuff
  • Leslie Baim
  • Jennie Scott