DATE: September 19, 2023
START TIME: Meeting 8:00AM
LOCATION: Town Hall: Council Chambers
9312 W Smith St, Yorktown IN 47396

7:45-8:00 am: Doors open/Coffee served

8:00 am Call to order / Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction: Members-Question of the Month. Kristi Ingram – Question of the month: Do you have any plans for Fall Break?

Kat Blankenbaker, Missy Teats, Mary Ann Stroeh, Steve Stroeh, Kristi Ingram, Keith Gary, Tyler Ewing, Katadyn Connerley, Erin Hurley, Dr. Greg Hinshaw, Molly Harty, Erin Ailstock, Justin Earls, Marissa Earls, David Whitehair, Carolyn Grieves, Scott Metzler, Chase Bruton, Maureen Walby, Eric Baize, Scott Jordan, Carol Kosisko, Hannah Coffman, Maura Hoff, Mark Goodpaster

Hot Spot: Breakfast Sponsor (3 minutes): Viking Realty: Kat Blankenbaker- Kat became a licensed real estate broker in January 2020. She closed over 1 million dollars in real estate her first year. One of her most memorable moments in real estate was when she was able to help a couple whose house went into pre-foreclosure (Kat sold them the house), she was able to help them sell and buy a new home and walked away with money in their pockets. Kat is the President on the EcoRehab board and they have a fundraiser coming in October. Munich to Muncie Oktoberfest is October 7th. Proceeds will help EcoRehab in rehabbing vacant homes and training youth for careers in the construction industry.

Approval of last month’s Minutes: Erin Ailstock – approved as submitted.

Treasurer Report: Kristi Ingram – actual Chamber balance at the end of August was $51,947.30 – approved as submitted.

School Report: Dr. Greg Hinshaw: The Yorktown School Foundation has initiated 2 new fundraisers: Tigers Will and Onward Tigers. Tigers Will is an alumni/class centered fundraiser and the funds will go towards teachers. Onward Tigers is an initiative to help fund the athletic facilities. They will be targeting for larger donations. Enrollment is up by 59 students, largest increase since 2016. In 2010 enrollment was 2100, in 2023 enrollment is 2800. Yorktown Schools is number 1 in teacher compensation, pay is the highest in ECI. Fall Sports: football and volleyball have a winning record and girl’s golf advanced to regionals. They currently are fully staffed for teachers but have a shortage of bus drivers. They are replacing heating/air in the high school. Bids for expansion to the high school will go out in 2024.
Question: Are there any plans to renovate the theatre? It has been under discussion. Growth enrollment goes towards education and not towards facilities in order to get it re-done. A tax increase or private fundraising would need to take place in order to re-do the theatre.

Town Report: Chase Bruton/ Erin Hurley: Homecoming went great and was well received! The Civic Green Concerts have been impressive. The budget is complete-not a lot of changes. They’ve added another police officer into the budget for next year. Currently planning projects that will take place in 2024. They are working with the county and state to do road work on 600. Working on a 5 year plan for the parks department.
Question: Are there any plans to put lights up around the trail that goes around the Sportsplex? This will be a part of the 5 year plan. It hasn’t been considered yet. Soccer league looking to build bathrooms and concession stand.

Program: Maura Hoff: Topic-Top success tips for small businesses. Maura is an attorney at DeFur Voran LLP and helps clients address State, Local, and Municipal legal issues. Rising Stars is a designation of top-rated practicing attorneys selected through extensive evaluation. She was awarded this distinction for 2014-2019. Maura graduated in 2005 from Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law. She was admitted to practice law in 2005. She represents clients in the Muncie/Delaware County area. As part of her undergraduate and legal education, Maura lived in Strasbourg, France, where she studied European culture and legal systems.
Maura took some business law situations that she has dealt with to give the chamber examples.
1. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Make sure you have trusted advisors.
2. How many own their own business? LLC? Corporations? Partnerships? Failing to incorporate is a big mistake, if you don’t, you don’t have a shield of protection.
3. You can start your own business and fill out the necessary paperwork yourself, if you click the wrong box it can cause a lot of headaches later.
4. Employment issues: when you decide to hire employees, talk to a lawyer because there are laws in place.
5. Always have job descriptions for every job you hire for. If they can’t perform the job, you can part ways without a lawsuit.
6. Always do honest employee evaluations. Don’t skip them and don’t give perfect scores.
7. Are you treating your business like a business? Are you booking financials correctly? Bookkeepers and tax consultants need to be involved to make sure everything is correct.
8. If you are a corporation-boards need to meet, keep minutes and keep them in a binder.
9. Failing to work with government on all levels can cause issues. If you don’t file for the proper paperwork for your business, you will get charged to get back re-instated. Work with local government on your business signage.
10. Have you thought about a succession plan for your business? Make plans if something was to happen to you.
11. There are steps to take to dissolve your business. Don’t just walk away. There is a process that needs to take place to successfully close it.

1. Always know what you’re signing. If you don’t understand it, ask someone.
2. Consider all your worst case scenarios and plan for them.
3. Keep personal and business finances separate.
4. Keep your books up to date.
5. Never sign a personal guarantee if you can avoid it.
6. Don’t partner with someone you don’t trust. Talk to a lawyer to make sure you can get out of the business if needed.
7. Hire a full time HR Manager.
8. Don’t skip steps when starting your business.
9. Ask why they want to partner with you and your business before you do anything.
10. Make sure you have good insurance.
11. Avoid land contracts.
12. Get a good lawyer to help you.
13. Make sure you hire a lawyer that is experienced in business law. Lawyers can’t technically be an expert in certain fields but some have more experience in certain areas.

Lunch and Learns: Brendon Comp – nothing scheduled

Ambassador news: Brendon Comp – nothing to report

Civic Green Report: Kat B – Sponsorships pay for the events. There is money available due to cancellations of some of the concerts.

Announcements: Kat-if anyone is interested in being an officer for the Chamber next year, you need to get with Kat for more information.

Tip of the day: Mark Goodpaster – Security tips
1) Always be alert and aware of your surroundings
2) Avoid walking, jogging, running in public with both earbuds in your ears (listening to music).
3) Keep your head up and shoulders back while walking
4) Avoid texting on a cell phone while walking
5) Avoid dangerous places at night time
6) Keep your keys in hand while walking in dark areas
7) Always keep your car doors locked even when you are in it
8) Keep family and friends informed when traveling
9) Watch for pickpockets in large areas
10) Be aware of all exit routes around you
11) Don’t walk into an elevator with someone you don’t feel comfortable with (trust your instincts)
12) If someone approaches you, run to a crowded area
13) Make sure to close your front door and windows (lock them)

Adjournment: Promptly at 9:00.m.

Next Meeting ~ October 17th at 8:00 a.m. Meeting will be at the Yorktown Library at 8920 W Adaline St, Yorktown.