Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

October 15, 2019

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Brendon Comp, Chris Day, Pete Olson, Greg Hinshaw, Tim Williams, Rachel Tucker, Sarah McCord, Leslie Baim, Bonita Ramirez, Ed Armantrout, Kristi Ingram, Maureen Walby, Mark Goodpaster, Keith Gary, Al Holdren, Todd McLaughlin, Tony Miller


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does your company or organization allow trick-or-treating at your place of business? Approximately half of those present did welcome trick-or-treaters.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR:  Surplus Salvage – George Dull – a Yorktown company that buys and sells new and used industrial electrical equipment, including circuit breakers and transformers.


SECRETARY REPORT:             Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:             Approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:          Luminary Festival – December 14, Yorktown Middle School.


AWARDS COMMITTEE:          New nomination form placed on all tables. Rachel Tucker and Sarah McCord encouraged all members to submit nominations for these awards. A new category has been added this year and includes a Lifetime Achievement Award. Information is also available on the Chamber Website.


SCHOOL REPORT:                   Dr. Greg Hinshaw – The school corporation is on schedule to approve the bid for the Yorktown Middle School Project. This project will take approximately two years to complete. Both of the previous projects are now completed and punch list items are being handled. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completed projects. Girls Volleyball has won their sixth consecutive County title.


TOWN REPORT:                     Pete Olson – New Town Hall scheduled to be open the end of October or early November. The first Town Council meeting will be held at the new facility.  An open house will be scheduled. The new trails have been completed connecting to Woodland Trails. A connection to the park has been completed under the Tiger Drive Bridge. The town has been notified by INDOT that an award of $1million has been made for road repaving for 2020. The town budget for 2020 has been approved. Developers are looking at and addition of approximately 220 new apartments to be built in Yorktown. There is activity on the Marsh property with American Electric Power leasing parking lot space for storage.


NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE:           Chris Day – Please contact Chris Day if you would like to hold a Chamber office. Election of officers will be held at the November Chamber meeting.


PROGRAM:     Independent Coverage Solutions – Todd McLaughlin – ICS provides education and assistance for Medicare marketing materials striving to locate the most beneficial coverage to suit the individual needs for employee medical plans. With more than eleven years in the industry, McLaughlin brings vast experience, ranging from individual plans to plans for large self-funded groups.


McLaughlin provided information about Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans, indicating that Medicare is the largest health care provider for people over 65 years old or people who are disabled, with currently 52 million people currently covered by this plan. Medicare funding constitutes fifteen percent of the Federal budget.


McLaughlin explained the Medicare A and B plans, Medicare Advantage Plan, and Medicare Supplements plans, as well as plans that cover pharmacy costs.


Open enrollment begins October 15 for these various plan coverages. Choosing the right plan to fit individual needs is crucial to receiving the best health care.  McLaughlin welcomed questions from Chamber members.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Al Holdren provided information for Secret Families of Delaware County, a group that provides Christmas for families who otherwise would have no holiday celebration. The cost to sponsor a family is $550. Each school provides information about families who are in need and provides information to Secret Families. Holdren invited members to become sponsors; Tony Miller provided information about AngelWish at LifeStream Services, a program that provides Christmas gifts to low income senior citizens. Miller also indicated that LifeStream Services provides information to seniors in the area about Medicare supplements, through the SHIP Program.


TIP OF THE MONTH: Mark Goodpaster – Thanks to Surplus Salvage for being the breakfast sponsor. Goodpaster asked that the Bakers be kept in thoughts and prayers as Al is currently in the hospital.


Goodpaster provided tips for job interviews which included (1) Practice and prepare skills that will be most important to the employer (2) Develop a connection with the interviewer (3) Research the company and show what you know about the organization (4) Be ready ahead of time with notepad, pen and resume (5) Be on time which means 5-10 minutes early (6) Stay calm (7) Follow up after the interview with a thank-you note which can be done by email within 24 hours of the interview.




NEXT MEETING:         November 19, 2019 – Bring a Guest