Yorktown Chamber of Commerce
Monthly Meeting – March 21, 2023
Yorktown Town Hall, Council Chambers
9312 W Smith St
Yorktown, IN 47396

Call to order / Pledge of Allegiance

INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Erin Ailstock, Ed Armantrout, Kat Blankenbaker, Chase Bruton, Jonathan Chambless, Brendon Comp, Tyler Ewing, Keith Gary, Mark Goodpaster, Carolyn Grieves, Scott Jordan, Brianne Kelly, Carol Kosisko, Sarah McCord, Mary Ann Stroeh, Steve Stroeh, Maureen Walby, TJ Weir, Greg Hinshaw, Molly Harty, Erin Hurley, Rick Glaub, Juli Metzger, Maura Hoff, Matt Anderson, Ryan Gernand, Randy Sollars, Brenda Olsen, Rigel Jackson, Coty Craft, Marta Guinn, Shawn Marvin, Bill Spiedel

QUESTION OF THE DAY – Ed Armantrout: Do you or have you worked at a place that allows you to volunteer?

TREASURER REPORT – Ed Armantrout: Approved as submitted.
Notable changes from January include:
+ $1102.65 in Membership
+$28.53 for Lunch and Learn income
+$600 for Madhatter Sponsorship
+$2000 Civic Green Sponsors
+$1.22 interest
-$57.78 Coffee Cravings/January Meeting
-$108 Annual PO Box Rent and Spare Key made for Kat
Membership works fee increased from $29 to $35
Actual Chamber Balance: $44,189.52

SECRETARY REPORT – Erin Ailstock: Approved as submitted.

HOT SPOT: Yorktown Kiwanis Club-Ed Armantrout: You can join the Yorktown Kiwanis Club as an individual, or you can join as a business. They passed out flyers to everyone in attendance. The projects/sponsorships/ that the club does and helps with annually are the annual Abbott’s caramel sale (benefits Riley Children’s Hospital), donations for Riley Comfort Cart, income tax preparation (FREE tax services for lower-income), Salvation Army-kettle bell ringers, eyeglasses for Yorktown Schools, assistance with Four For the Fourth, Key Club Scholarship Program Sponsor, Reach Ministries and Food Pantry, and VA Cemetery Flag Decorating. Yorktown Club meets at 7:00 a.m. every Wednesday.

Kat announced that all Hot Spot/Breakfast Sponsors are filled for this year.

SCHOOL REPORT – Dr. Greg Hinshaw: Spring Break for Yorktown is this week. 2 new School Board Members: Vicki Gasaway and Jason Brooks. Spring sports are underway. Drama Club’s presentation of Beauty and the Beast was a great performance. Starting to think about staffing for next school year and funding.

PROGRAM/TOWN REPORT – Chase Bruton, Yorktown Town Manager:
Chase is 3 months into the new role. He is a graduate of Indiana University, where he earned master’s degrees in both Local Government Management and Economic Development. He worked as an intern for the town of Plainfield. He later became the Fleet and Facility Manager where he was in charge of 200 vehicles, 30 buildings, and large contracts. Chase then became the Project manager. He was in charge of all of their building projects.
Yorktown has an estimated population of 11,000 people in the community. Chase stated that people come into the community for the town’s great parks, the civic green, and the schools are the #1 thing that draws people to Yorktown. Goals and priorities for the future involve the trails, quality of life, and smart economic development that reinforces our small-town feel. Four Day Ray will be coming downtown, they will be located in the Oliver. Chase would like to see more of the money that people spend outside of the community to stay here. Chase stated that he would like to see a butcher shop, grocery store, and other options for the community to shop here and not have to go elsewhere. Looking 5-10 years out, there are some big projects that they need to really look at. What does the infrastructure look like when growth starts to happen?
Q & A:
What about the moving dirt: Daugherty Preserve-rental property neighborhood-55+ apartments, single-family units, and townhomes. 160 units, hope to have them all rented by the end of the year. The town would like to see some structures on the site going up soon.
What is going on with the Marsh building? The non-refrigerator portion is currently occupied. It is being used as a recycling facility. They take in plastics from Walmart, shred the plastic into pellets and Walmart purchases the pellets. The recycling company is letting Mid-West Metals use a portion of the building for storage. The renter is investing in the building. The building on the West side, they haven’t found an occupant for it yet.
What is going on with the Chase building? It is currently owned by LTB

Mary Ann Stoeh – personally wanted to thank Chase for everything that he is doing.

Kat: recognized the town board council members that were present at the meeting.

Miscellaneous Chamber News
Lunch and learns: Brendon Comp Tuesday MARCH 28 11 am – 1 pm with Tisha Gierhart “Engaging in Crucial Conversations”
Lunch and Learn is one week from today. Starts right at 11:00, and eat around 11:30. We have about 20 people registered signed up currently.
Ambassadors: Brendon is heading up the Ambassador Committee. They currently have 3 people but would like to at least double that number. The first meeting is on April 3rd, at the Mexican restaurant in Yorktown at noon.
Civic Green Report: Kat B
Concerts are set, there are 12 dates. The poster will be out soon that has all of the concerts listed. There is 1-$3000 and 1-$1000 sponsorship spot available.

Member Announcements:
Sarah McCord-kitten season is coming and the Muncie Animal Shelter is always looking for fosters for them. If you are interested in being a foster, speak to Sarah.
Erin Ailstock- Health Fair at Westminster Village on April 6th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Legacy Commons. The community is invited to attend!
Kat-Mad Hatter’s event will be on May 10th. There are very limited seats with only 100 tickets available, we have currently sold ½ of those. More information to come.

Check out yorktownevents.com, events, and activities are listed there.

TIP OF THE MONTH – Matt Anderson filled in for Mark Goodpaster: Financial literacy is about principles: managing money efficiently and effectively…you should spend less than you earn.

ADJOURNMENT: Promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Next Month’s Meeting: April 18th, 2023 8:00 am
Town Hall, Council Chambers, 9312 W Smith St, Yorktown
Chief Problem Solver, Tania Said