Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

June 15, 2021


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Kristi Ingram, Greg Hinshaw, Ed Armantrout, Keith Gary, Carly Acree-King, Pete Olson, Tyler Ewing, Scott Smalstig, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Brendon Comp, Chris Day, Dennis Nixon, Katie Nixon, Mike Baker, Ryan Gernand, Rachel Tucker, Bonita Ramirez, Maureen Walby


QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Are you getting together with family for Father’s Day and is this a first-time post COVID event? Most responded they were celebrating with family for Father’s Day but for most it was not a first time post-Covid event.


SECRETARY REPORT:              Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:             Ed Armantrout – Reported that liability insurance had been purchased for one year for civic green events. Sponsorships have been secured for civic green events, approximately $5,000. Four for the 4th bills have been paid.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:          Four for the 4th – Chris Day – Compliance meeting to be held to use/authorize use of the swiping tool to allow people to pay for events by credit card. Registration is slightly behind but still Day believes there will be additional registrations. The starting point for the race will be at the Town Building which is a slight change to the racecourse. Shirt deadline will be 6-20-21. Volunteers are needed and if you would like to donate time, please see the Website (https://fourforthefourth.run). Day introduced Scott Smalstig with school foundation as they are moving toward an alliance with that organization. A new page has been added to the Website listing all after-race activities. There will be a church service offered at 11 a.m. by Commonway Church. Yorktown Community Schools with do the duck-tape race at 12:00 p.m. Day stated that a great deal of work had been put into the event for the greater good of the community.


EVENTS ON THE GREEN:        Keith Gary – The group is working with sponsors and will provide a sign for each sponsor. Still accepting and welcoming sponsors. Kat Blankenbaker is handling sponsorships. The next event is scheduled for 6-25-21.


SCHOOL REPORT:                   Dr. Greg Hinshaw – Focus is still on construction since school is out. Plans are to have the air conditioning in by July 4thm with scheduled completion, January, 2022. Tennis courts are under construction with other long-range planning now in progress. Local school boards will be making decisions about masks, social distancing, and contact tracing for the fall. Enrollment grew slightly this year and will most likely be up for fall term. School growth impacts funding. There was a higher turnover in staff this year due to the pandemic. There are plans for parking, restrooms, and concession at the new tennis courts to be completed in the second phase of construction. Dr. Hinshaw was installed as the new president of the Indiana Association of Public-School Superintendents.


TOWN REPORT:          Pete Olson – The town is continuing with normal activities, working on budgets and redevelopment. The town has obtained the last property for the civic green development project and is in the process of attracting new developers. Fire works for July 4th will be held on the green with food trucks and other offerings available.


LUNCH AND LEARN:   Brendon Comp -Comp encouraged members to take advantage of the Shafer Leadership offerings noting that all are virtual at this time. Comp is unsure about 2022 programs and if they will be virtual or in-person. Emails are being sent by Shafer to inform members of upcoming educational opportunities.


PROGRAM:                 Dennis Nixon – Nixon Farms – Nixon stated that the farms began in 1950 by his father. Nixon’s daughter, Katie, started working at the farm last April due to the pandemic. (Katie is a 6th generation Nixon farmer).


Nixon stated that farm economy has picked up and he believes this is in part to revised trade agreements and lifting of tariffs. Soybeans which had been $9-9.20 per bushel are now at about $15, with corn at $3.75, up from $3.25, with December prices predicted to be $4.50. Nixon said that prices had been lower due to the shut-down of processing plants during the pandemic, with many being shut down for 6-8 weeks. Nixon said that lots of commodities are being used in this area due to feeding animals as well as growing crops. Nixon discussed the benefits of ethanol, one being environmental. Work continues with trying to get emissions under control and planting cover crops that help clean the air.


Nixon believes that farm economy has improved during the past year. Yield for corn has been about 195 bushels per acre and is now adding zinc and sulfur to the soil for better yields. These elements used to be obtained from pollution but now are added nutrients.


Question was asked about the effects of the extreme heat in the southwest on planting crops in this area. Nixon stated that although weather is a big factor, pollution is even a bigger factor in helping the environment and agriculture.


Nixon stated that the cost of farm ground had increased due to low interest rate, higher yield from crops, and the influence of outside investors who buy farm ground and hire people to farm the land. He believes that this trend manipulates the market somewhat.


Nixon farms about 2,00 – 3,000 acres and stated there are several farms in Delaware County that are between 1,000 and 3,000 acres.


Question and answer period followed Nixon’s presentation.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Carly Acree-King announced that the town endowments had been awarded but have not yet been announced with $31,000 being awarded. Donors are still needed for the community foundation; The Yorktown Community Band is up and running with the first rehearsal to be August 15th, participants are welcomed; Christmas on the Green is currently being discussed; The Yorktown Kiwanis is sponsoring a blood drive to be held July 1 from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. at the Town Hall.


TIP OF THE MONTH:   Mark Goodpaster – Goodpaster reported there are no cicadas in the immediate area therefore he had no recipes;  never trust an electrician with no eyebrows; and always mix kale with coconut oil, because it can make it easier to scape in the trash.


MEETING ADJOURNED:         Next Meeting – August 17, 2021