Yorktown Chamber of Commerce
Monthly Meeting – February 21, 2023
Yorktown Town Hall
9312 W Smith St
Yorktown, IN 47396

INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Mark Goodpaster, Kat Blankenbaker, Steve Stroeh, Brendon Comp, Ed Armantrout, Kristi Ingram, Sarah McCord, Tyler Ewing, Erin Ailstock, Maureen Walby, Keith Gary, Chad Ray, Mary Ann Stroeh, Brianne Kelly, Carolyn Grieves, Scott Metzler, Katadyn Connerley, Kylee Eller, Dave Surgeon, Marta Guinn, TJ Weir, Scott Jordan, Kurt Walthour, Kim Spangler, Rich Lee, Jonathan Chambless, Carol Kosisko, Chase Bruton

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who is your favorite President?

TREASURER REPORT: Current balance is $40,663.90.

SECRETARY REPORT: Approved as submitted.

HOT SPOT: Westminster Village-Tyler Ewing: Westminster Village started accepting Medicaid in January. Westminster is a Life Plan Community, they care for you as your needs change. They offer Residential apartments, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Rehab to home (Cooper Vista). They offer a Safe and Warm program that is all year round. Westminster is starting to have more and more events in their Legacy Commons Event, so if anyone has anything that you need a large room for, it is available and holds around 160 people. The village meeting room is also available and holds around 20-30 people. 62 is the minimum age to live at Westminster Village.

Kat announced that there are a few Hot Spot sponsorships available for the year. If you are interested in being a sponsor, reach out to Kat.

SCHOOL REPORT: Dave Surgeon filled in for Dr. Greg Hinshaw: Boys Regional diving is tonight (2/21/2023). Yorktown boys’ basketball drew New Castle for Sectionals. High school met the requirements with IU Kokomo and IU Bloomington to get college credits and will start next school year. Seniors can graduate with their freshman college credits.

TOWN REPORT: Marta Guinn gave the town report. Indiana Economic Development put out a great piece on Yorktown, IN. The town meeting is tonight (2/21/2023) at 6:00 p.m. This will be the last Tuesday meeting held this year.

CIVIC GREEN COMMITTEE: Kat Blankenbaker – There are sponsorship opportunities available. We currently only have 3 available at the Black level. We currently have $21,000 in sponsorships sold. If there are any questions or ideas, feel free to share them with Kat. The town purchased fencing for the concerts. Kat will have more information regarding metal signs that will be placed on the fence soon.

LUNCH AND LEARNS: Brendon Comp – The March Lunch and Learn is on the Chamber’s website. You can register there. It is free for members and $10 for non-members to attend. It will be at the Yorktown Pizza King with Tisha Gierhart being the speaker. It starts at 11:00 a.m. on March 28th.

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: Brendon Comp is heading up the Ambassador Program. Sarah McCord is going to be a part of that and will help Brendon with getting new members to volunteer as ambassadors.

PROGRAM: Kurt Walthour-Yorktown Chief of Police: Chief Walthour has been in law enforcement for almost 26 years. He worked for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years. He started as a patrol officer for the first four years of his career. In 2007 he was assigned to the Detective division. He worked as a Detective for 12 years before being promoted to Captain in 2019. In 2019, Kurt took over running the Jail division of the Sheriff’s Office. He spent the last four years leading the jail before coming to Yorktown.
Yorktown is his hometown and where he has raised his family. They love the community! On August 1, 2023, they are doing a community partnership on the Civic Greens. The community can come out and meet the Yorktown officers. They have invited other organizations in the community as well. They are looking for local sponsorships to help with the event. They will have an officer at each Civic on the Green concert to engage with the community. The police department has created door tags to place on the local businesses’ doors to inform the business with the officer’s name that checked on the business and what time they were there.
The bus and traffic situation in Yorktown is a big deal and they are working on some things to make it better. One issue that they had was the officers were in the middle of a shift change during the school drop-off and let-out times. Kurt has switched some officer’s shifts in order to be there during those busy traffic/bus times. Kurt has visited many different neighborhoods in the community to find out what their needs are and how they can assist them.
Q & A: Who to contact regarding speeding on River Valley? Kurt suggested contacting the Yorktown Police Department. They have changed their jurisdiction to cover that road. Kurt stated that they can take a mobile speed limit sign to put out there to try and slow drivers down.
How many officers are on staff? 10 right now, fully staffed but would like to hire 1 more.
Who is in control of the yellow flashing light for the school? Kurt is going to check with INDOT.
What is the police department doing for school shootings training? BSU has an instructive active shooter program and Kurt met with them. They are going to hold this training at Yorktown and include all of the Delaware County Schools. They plan to have this training on the first 2 Thursdays and Fridays in June.
How can we help and encourage the officers in the community? Kurt stated that the community has been very gracious and gives them thanks for doing what they do.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Carolyn Grieves promoted the Chamber by doing the Community Connections profiles. She stated that if you haven’t been featured, let us know. It is a great way to feature your business and let the community know who you are and what your business is all about. Announced to members to join the Chamber’s Facebook and Instagram accounts if you haven’t done so. Ed Armantrout-Yorktown Kiwanis is still doing tax returns for low incomes (earning less than $60,000/year). Ed is going to send Erin the form to send out to the members. This service is FREE. Kat Blankenbaker-Chamber and the town have partnered together for the Mad Hatter event. There are only 100 tickets available, and some have been sold. It is a black tie event and sneakers. The event will be held on May 10th. Sarah McCord-kitten season is coming and the Muncie Animal Shelter is always looking for fosters for them. If you are interested in being a foster, speak to Sarah.
TIP OF THE MONTH: Mark Goodpaster: Does anyone feel like they have been scammed at the gas pump? There is a lot going on currently with scamming at the pump. 15% of Americans have been scammed at the gas pump on their credit cards. 43% stated that they would change the way they paid for their gas, they prefer to go inside and pay as an alternative. When you pay at the pump, if it looks suspicious, go inside. Watch for pump switching. Also, when you leave your vehicle to go inside, make sure you lock your doors so no one can get into the vehicle and take valuable/personal items.

NEXT MEETING: March 21, 2023, 8:00 a.m. at Town Hall located at 9312 W Smith St., Yorktown. The new Town Manager, Chase Bruton will be the speaker. Hot Spot: Yorktown Kiwanis.