Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

August 21, 2018

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Tim Williams, Starr Manning, Sarah McCord, Rich Lee, Leslie Baim, Steve Perry, Keith Gary, Kallie Sulanke, Chris Day, Kelly Shrock, Brendon Comp, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Hannah Downham, Tim Kiess, Debbie Brammer, David Riggs, Rob Keisling, Mark Goodpaster, Brittani Richards, Mike Baker, Patti Decker, Al Baker, Greg Hinshaw, Maureen Walby, Jared Price, Dennis Nixon, Pete Olson, Ryan Ballard, Ed Armantrout, Fran Bullock, Matt Anderson


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever received an email from someone who proved not to be who you thought it was?  Everyone responded “yes.”


BREAKFAST SPONSOR: The Community Foundation – Kelly Shrock and Kallie Sulanke- The foundation supports community efforts by providing grants for local organizations. The endowment fund, started by Howard Gregory, has provided assistance for the Yorktown Public Library, Yorktown High School Mentor Program, and Little Bloomers Daycare. Grant applications are due May 1 of each year. Planned giving was encouraged to sustain and maximize funds for future community awards.


SECRETARY REPORT:             Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:             Approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:          4 for the 4th – Chris Day reported that the 2018 event was a huge success. Day thanked the Chamber for its involvement as well as all who provided assistance, including the Street Department, Fire Department, EMS, and Town Council. Sponsors were recognized as well as entire neighborhoods who organized to provide water stops along the race course. The eighth year for the event saw an increase in registrations of 22%, with 1,152 registered (a total of 5,724 for eight years). There were 69 zip codes represented, as well as participants from seven states. There were 900 from the Muncie/Yorktown area, 466 first-time runners.  The 2018 winner marked a three-time win for the overall event, with the newly added Top Dog Award and the Hot Wheels Award being well-received. A check for $25,000 will be presented to continue additions to the trail system in the Yorktown area.


SCHOOL REPORT: Greg Hinshaw reported a current enrollment of 2, 651, with an increase of 60 students. Hinshaw reported that elementary class size is 24. The school traffic, as a result of bridge repair, is working well despite the closure of one lane of the bridge.  School construction project bids are moving forward, with little impact expected on the tax rate.



TOWN REPORT: Pete Olson discussed the downtown development project with information to be presented regarding eminent domain. The budget season is currently underway with emphasis on current phases of projects that are underway. Construction to begin on Town Hall by the end of the week, with bids being finalized for construction phase of the building.  Prince and Princesses in the Park will be held this weekend, with the High School drama department participating as Disney princesses. The movie “Moana” will be shown.  Bridge construction is on scheduled with target completion July, 2019. Olson thanked all those who have served on the Four for the 4th committee.


BRE – Lunch and Learn:        Invitation extended by Keith Gary for any member who would like to participate in organizing the event for 2019.


PROGRAM:     Nixon Farms – Dennis Nixon provided an overview of the local farming planting season. Nixon has planted approximately 2,000 acres in both corn and soybeans. Due to last year’s rain, yields were down slightly but overall a good crop. Soybeans are doing well this season. Nixon reported that tariffs will affect farming but is unsure of the impact at this point.  With many more products being made from corn and soybeans, efficiency is improving with more accurate planting and spraying procedures to produce higher yields.  Nixon stated that he plants Yellow Dent corn with a small amount of sweet corn. Others in the area also plant popcorn. Nixon provided information about harvesting soybeans and corn and percentages of moisture for optimal harvest. Nixon touched briefly on subsidies and crop insurance.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:   100 Men Who Cook will be November 3. Invitations offered to prospective participants. Contact Ed Armantrout for further information.


TIP OF THE DAY:  Mark Goodpaster provided information about using terra cotta flower pots with candles for heat should there be a power outage. Use chapstick to heal a paper cut. To remove stains from Sharpie markers on clothing, use hand sanitizer; to remove marker from walls, use toothpaste; to remove marker from carpet, use white vinegar; to remove from ceramic or glass, use toothpaste. To prevent brain-freeze, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth. If while mowing you should run over a bee’s nest, stand perfectly still as bees can only see you if you are moving.




NEXT MEETING:                     September 18, 2018 – Bring a Guest!