Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Chamber Meeting

August 18, 2015

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Dr. Roger Smith, Barbara Baker, Al Baker, Marty Ballard, Bonita Ramirez, Sarah McCord, Marcy Minton, Matt Howell, Brian Haughn, Leslie Baim, Melissa Bucur, Ed Armantrout, Brendon Comp, Rich Lee, Rick Yencer, Starr Manning, Kayla Hall, Pete Olson, Michelle Deaton, Jennifer McCormick, Karen Bothel, Kyle Hall, Todd Strong, David Sturgion, Jason Donati, Maureen Walby, Steve Perry, Niccole Mansker


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did you attend the 4 for the 4th Event and what did you like best or least?

Responses included that it was a great day, great to see people you don’t usually see, enjoyed the races, the run, appreciated that it was a great event for the community, liked the river events including the cardboard boat race, liked the on-line coverage of the event, balloon art, liked all the new activities. One negative included that it was difficult to attend this event and other 4th of July activities.


SECRETARY REPORT:       Approved as presented.


TREASURER REPORT:      Approved as presented with motion made and seconded to unencumber the $9,000 budget item earmarked for signage to be used for other purposes. Motion approved.


SCHOOL REPORT: Enrollment is up, and still getting students who are late enrollees. Yorktown school are rated in the top eleven for high school graduation rates. Several new teacher this year; Todd Strong introduced as new assistant principal; band placed in the top ten out of forty-one at Band Day. Planning for a great year.


TOWN REPORT: Updates on major projects – River Road/ Morrison Road to Nebo –will bid next year and should be one-season project completion. The second project will include roundabout at Nebo and Jackson scheduled to bid in January, and to begin in summer with approximate 60-day completion. The last scheduled project will be Tiger Drive to be widened with a walking path. This is an ongoing project for the next couple of years. Signs at I-69 are up. Has been an eventful summer with intern handling all social media with good outreach and coverage.


PROGRAM:  Jason Donati, Storm Water and Recycling Coordinator – Yorktown part of permit which also includes the City of Muncie, Ivy Tech, and Delaware County.


Responsible for storm water education, outreach, storm drains, White River. Provides education for school children about drinking water that comes from the White River as well as the importance of recycling and composting.


The department consists of three employees: a compliance inspector (Toni Cecil), Dave Bradway and Donati. The compliance inspector is responsible for looking at construction sites to prevent pollution while Bradway tests and checks to see that Indiana Department of Environmental Management regulation are followed.


Donati indicated that the White River could improve and that the brown water seen in the river is storm water runoff. Industrial history for polluting rivers has decreased and is evidenced by the growing number of fish varieties that are now found in the river. There are between sixty-five and seventy varieties of fish in the river and there have been a very low number of fish-kills.


The 9th Annual White River clean-up project is scheduled for the second Saturday in September, and volunteers will be working from Indiana Steel and Wire to Canoe Country (approximately fifteen miles).Volunteers will meet at Westside Park and will be transported to their cleanup location. Trash collected from the cleanup will be collected at the Park. Youth participation from various groups has been very good in the past.


Donati discussed a hot line listed on the website to alert about illegal dumping, litter, roof runoff and encouraged concerned citizens to call if they witnessed potential pollution.


Encouraged Yorktown to participate in community cleanup projects as his group can provide cleanup supplies to assist.


Donati provided tips about pollution prevention including: collection of grass clippings that are blown into the street after mowing as they get into the storm sewers, cleaning up after pets, sediment from construction, litter control with covered dumpsters, new construction sites protecting from debris, seeding and stabilizing bare spots to prevent soil runoff, concrete washouts, capturing grease to prevent inclusion in the water supply.


Donati discussed building water gardens to recycle rain for plants and prevention of runoff. Currently there have been several constructed in Delaware County.


TIP FOR THE DAY:  “Be kind.” Committee formed to provide “tips” at meetings that includes Pete Olson and Al Baker.


MOTION REGARDING MOUNDS LAKE PROJECT: Motion was made by Al Baker and seconded by Rick Yencer to take a stand against the proposal. Discussion followed but motion did not carry. Discussion of motion indicated that the majority chose to take a “wait-and-see” stance depending on the decision of the town of Yorktown to either accept or reject the project. Motion may be revisited at a future date.


MISCELLANEOUS NEWS AND ANNOUCEMENTS: West End Arts District forming that will include basket making, quilt-making and public art. Meeting will take place on August 27, at Town Court Building next to police station.  Plans for Art Festival on October 2 in conjunction with Homecoming. Brick signs on I-69 very attractive. Yorktown Christian Church will be celebrating its 125th anniversary which will include a chicken noodle dinner on September 19th.




NEXT MEETING:  September 15, 2015 – Bring a Guest!