Please support your local businesses and chamber members

Yorktown Chamber of Commerce meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month and are open to members and guests. The monthly meetings start at 8 a.m. and are held at the Yorktown Town Hall. 9312 W. Smith St., Yorktown, IN 47396.


Our Mission:

The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes the unity of businesses and organizations with residents by providing resources, networking and promoting opportunities to encourage business patronage, thereby fostering a cohesive community thus enhancing our quality of life.

Pride in our Community.

Yorktown prides itself on its parks and friendly family atmosphere. Morrow’s Meadow Park is a welcome retreat when you need to relax. Walking trails, playground and picnic areas are available free of charge. Any of the three shelters can be rented for family or business events. The addition of the bridge over Buck Creek connects the park to our newly rebuilt and revitalized downtown. Businesses provide a unique opportunity to browse, shop, or enjoy a meal, enveloped in the small town charm of our community.