Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

April 20, 2021 –

Yorktown Town Hall


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Kristi Ingram, Greg Hinshaw, Brendon Comp, Carly Acree-King, Pete Olson, Tyler Ewing, Bonita Ramirez, Ed Armantrout, Keith Gary, Mary Ann Stroeh, Rachel Tucker, Ted Baker, Matt Anderson, Amy Spangler, Ryan, Vaughn, Mark Goodpaster, Maureen Walby.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are you wearing a mask and do you expect people who come into your place of business to wear a mask? Most responded that they do both wear and require visitors to wear a mask.

SECRETARY REPORT:              Approved as submitted.

TREASURER REPORT:             Membership renewals are coming in and there is approximately $32,000 in the treasury.


Four for the 4th –Pete Olson – The July 4 race will be on Sunday this year and the race will start in front of Town Hall. There will be a church service conducted by the Common Way Church. The Yorktown Community School Foundation is involved in assisting with the race.

Events on the Green – Many events are being planned, including music and food. Would like to attract people from other communities as well as people from Yorktown. There will be kids’ events on Saturdays during the summer with other activities planned for children K -5th grade which will be coordinated with the Children’s Museum. The committee would like to see multi-generational offerings during these events. The performers have mentioned that they would like to have a portable stage and the committee is now working on raising funds to cover this. Sponsorships are available.

School Report: Dr. Greg Hinshaw – Construction project ongoing with scheduled completion January, 2022. The work has begun on the tennis courts. Will continue the Yorktown Virtual Academy K-12, as there are currently 90-100 students. Grades 3 -8 assessments are currently in progress. With the allocation of stimulus funding of approximately $3M, various improvements will be made throughout the school system.

Lunch and Learn – Brendon Comp – All members are encouraged to register for Shafer Leadership Academy offerings with in-person sessions beginning in September or October.

PROGRAM:  Ted Baker – Innovation Connector – Services have been in demand since the outset of the pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, one in six service-related businesses have closed, including restaurants. Before the pandemic, cash flow was good and businesses were doing well and now many are just trying to survive. This is a time when uncertainty is at its highest because the expenses go on. More than eight hundred businesses close each day and this trend may continue for a while. Although the pandemic caused problems, it also brought to the forefront many underlying problems in the business structure. Despite the problems, we can be seen as a community of resilience.


At the Innovation Connector, some decided to work from home while others continued to come to the facility, for various reasons including poor internet services. The Innovation Connector sent out Facebooks posts offering assistance to businesses needing help. Within the first three weeks, there was more than 125 calls received.

The Innovation Connector helped people with marketing, ideas, client base and business models. There were many positive lessons learned during this time and we found that we are community that is willing to help one another. There was information provided about community resources that would help businesses with short-term loans and other financial assistance.

All businesses are different and have different needs, with some needing assistance in specific areas. Innovation Connector is offering more specialized services which through a new program called “Advance” the plan of attack becomes more specific and digs deeper into the needs providing doable goals, with benchmarks designed to assist in achieving goals. Although money is sometimes at the root of a business’s issues, it doesn’t serve to solve all problems, but it does help to solidify problems.

There are many organizations to help businesses within our community. Baker indicated that we should “learn to row a boat together.”  We should be committed to helping each other by rowing in unison. He further stated that, “economic development is a team sport and all businesses are important.”

Innovation Connector is also in the process of developing a summer program for kids with more information to follow.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Kiwanis did more than 200 tax returns during the past session and asked if businesses would consider offering a coupon for discount on a meal when people come to have their taxes prepared. There were people who came from the Indianapolis area for this service and it could be a means of attracting people to local businesses.

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Mark Goodpaster – During COVID he took a virtual class and didn’t enjoy it as much as an in-person class. Is looking forward to more in-person contact.

Job Interview Etiquette – Although dress is different now for job interviews, the proper dress is considered business casual – which should be a step up from jeans. Men should dress in shirts with collars, long sleeves, neatly tucked into khakis or dressier pants. Women should wear skirts or pants that are simple and not distracting, neutral colors with simple jewelry.  Men should wear dark shoes, matching socks; women with dressy shoes. Men can wear a watch with a simple leather band.  Dress for success in the job interview process.

MEETING ADJOURNED – Next meeting May 18, 2021 – Yorktown Town Hall Building