Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Chamber Meeting

November 18, 2014, 8:00 a.m.,

Mellott Family Center

INTRODUCTIONS and WELCOME:   Those attending:  Chris Day, James Dalton, Barb Baker, Al Baker, Ed Armantrout, Steve Perry, Sarah McCord, Keith Gary, Marty Ballard, Sharon Grubbs, Ken Glaub, Pete Olson, Bonita Ramirez, Gene Gragg, Brendon Comp, Ryan Ballard, Sholin Keeney, Patti Decker, Marcy Minton, Matt Howell, Shelly Lee, Leslie Baim, Andrea Thornburg, Maureen Walby,

SECRETARY REPORT:  Minutes approved as presented.

TREASURER REPORT:  Financial reports approved as presented.

TOWN REPORT – Pete Olson reporting updates from the town council meeting which was last night.  Next council meeting is Dec 15.

LUMINARY FESTIVAL UPDATE – Saturday, Dec 13, noon-7p – Chair Barb Baker updating – next planning meeting is Dec 4 – booth space is still available.  Parade entries are available.  Dan’s Fish Fry has been added to the event from 4-7 as a fund raiser for the Yorktown Swim Club.

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS – The ballot was created to be voted on next month.  Nominees include Four for the Fourth Committee, Barb Baker for Luminary, MaryAnn Stroeh for Reach Ministry, Community dinner hosted by Hideout, Al Holdren for Secret Families, Ingram Flooring for building improvements, Nazarene Church for offering breakfast and location, Reed Electric for building improvements, US Architects for building improvements, 1 Smith Street LLC for building improvements

2015 CHAMBER BOARD NOMINATIONS – Nominating Committee nominating slate includes: Steve Perry, President, Keith Gary; Vice President; Ed Armantrout, Treasurer; Maureen Walby, Secretary – No additional nominations were made.


Carolyn Buffy Grieves was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement award celebrating her retirement after 31 years in business.

Marcy Minton, Community Foundation needs Town of Yorktown Grants committee members, unanimous vote to retain Sarah McCord and Patti Decker;

AngelWish program at Lifestream is coming up, contact 759-1121 for Maureen Walby or Laura Bray for more information;

Matt Howell invited all to ECI social media on Thursday from 8-10 at Innovator Connector;

Registration for 4 for the 4th will open in 10 days – fourforthefourth.weebly.com – which includes new features.

Please consider donating to the charity of your choice as we near the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.