Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

September 17, 2019

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Keith Gary, Peggy Cenova, Matt Anderson, Sarah McCord, Rick Yencer, Leslie Baim, Josh Rattray, Kylee Eller, Chris Day, Mary Ann Stroeh, Barbara Baker, Steve Perry, Gay Nation, Carly Acree-King, Kristi Ingram, Brendon Comp, Tom Chiudioni, Rob Keesling, Tim Williams, Tony Miller, Maureen Walby, Greg Hinshaw, Pete Olson


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you attended activities at Ball State University?  Everyone answered that they had attended an event at Ball State, including seminars, plays at Emens, sporting events, etc.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR:  Reach Ministries – Mary Ann Stroeh – The group began in 2012 as a coalition of churches in Mt. Pleasant Township. The organization currently supports a food pantry, providing totes to organizations to participate in collecting items for the pantry, as well as other ministries to families and children in the community.


SECRETARY REPORT:                       Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:                      Approved as submitted.


LUMINARY REPORT:                       Barb Baker reported that vendors for the event are beginning to register.  There may not be a photo booth, but there will be face painting. The date of the event is December 14 and will be held at the Yorktown Middle School Gym. There will be a snowball fight. The festival is coming along on schedule and all are welcome to participate. For more information contact Barb Baker at 765-730-6575. The group is also needing plastic water jugs for the event.


FOUR FOR THE FOURTH :             Chris Day – This is officially the “off” season but registration for the 2020 event will begin Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.


SCHOOL REPORT:                             Greg Hinshaw – The busses have been moved to the new facility with the Pleasant View Elementary project wrapping up with completion of the punch list items. Enrollment for the current school year is 2,693, which surpasses the Delaware Community School enrollment. I-Learn scores are above the state average. Yorktown Homecoming will feature Yorktown versus New Castle, with the homecoming parade to be on Saturday, 9-21, at 10 a.m.             Yorktown fall sports are doing well.


TOWN REPORT:                                Pete Olson – The town is continuing with a number of projects, with plans to move into the new Town Hall the end of September or first of October. The trail on River Road has been completed to the entrance of Woodland Trails. Work is being completed on the trail under Tiger Drive. Homecoming parade on Saturday morning. Community Clean up Day is also on Saturday beginning at 6 a.m. Delaware County is doing the White River Clean Up, as well.  Canal Street Project is continuing to proceed. A design partner has been selected for the Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade.


PROGRAM:                                         Ball State University – Shawn Sullivan, Associate Athletic Director, Marketing and Fan Engagement and Josh Rattray, Director of Athletic Communications, Creative and Emerging Media – Introduced by Gay Nation.  Program presented was about “what’s your thing?” discussing marketing engagement and reaching your audience with the most effective means of communication and media.  Sullivan and Rattray discussed strategies for reaching a targeted audience either through Facebook or Twitter and the importance of knowing your audience and their preferred means of communication. Sullivan and Rattray cited several different events that triggered using different types of communication to reach their targeted audience, including Charlie Cardinal, featuring the beautiful campus, sports events, and using “Chuck” the baseball bird, to increase baseball season fan engagement.  Shared links on different media also allows audience to have the opportunity to receive information and to leverage big events to promote your organization. Rattray and Sullivan suggested that events should be tailored to the audience by bringing the event to life by providing the added value of the event to the customer. Use of a tag board is great advertising at an event.  Getting people to attend events means helping them seem themselves as a participant in the event and being a part of what is happening.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:                       Carriage House Wedding Show upcoming, with Special Needs Ball to be held October 13; Muncie Bridge Dinner upcoming, as well as Twilight on the Boulevard at Minnetrista; various activities upcoming at Westminster Village including Lunch with the Artist, Open Bingo with Charlie Cardinal. Webb Farm has activities for children from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.,   located on 725 W, in Yorktown.


TIP OF THE MONTH:                       Information to be provided about navigating the Medicare System.




NEXT MEETING:                                October 15, 2019 – Bring a Guest!