Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Chamber Meeting

October 20, 2015

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Carolyn Grieves, Sarah McCord, Ollie Wirick, Chris Day, Kayla Hall, Bonita Ramirez, Michelle Deaton, Mary Ann Stroeh, Leslie Baim, Marcy Minton, Barb Baker, Maggie Walker, James Dalton, Pat Smith, Starr Manning, Jennifer McCormick, David Riggs, Pete Olson, Melissa Buccur, Keith Gary, Maureen Walby


SECRETARY REPORT:       Approved as presented.


TREASURER REPORT:      Approved as presented.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT:  Chris Day reported that current officers have agreed to serve another year, but will accept additional nominations if presented.


LUMINARY REPORT:  Barb Baker reported there will be a meeting 6:30 p.m., November 19, at the museum, to prepare the jugs for the event. Potential vendors for the event can contact Becky Monroe for further information. Suggested a parade of ugly sweaters for the event.


AWARDS LUNCHEON REPORT: Sarah McCord reported that there will be four award categories for the 11:30 a.m., December 15, luncheon. Categories include Outstanding Educator, Outstanding Public Servant, Community Impact – Business community, Community Impact – Individual. Cost of the luncheon is $15.00 and will be held at the Mellott Family Center.


SCHOOL REPORT:  Great athletics programs for fall including cross-country, volleyball, and football. Currently involved in post-season football. The field is in bad shape and will begin repairs as soon as season ends. The band is doing well. Grandparents’ night was very successful with great attendance. The school is currently waiting to hear about their A-F school assessment and are not sure at this time when that information will be announced. Strategic planning for the school is currently underway.


TOWN REPORT: Pete Olsen reported that the Arts Council is applying for its 501C3 status with the next meeting to be November 10, 6:30 p.m. at the Town Court building next to the police department. Trail construction is beginning with donations received from Four for the Fourth.  The budget for 2016 has been approved. Construction on the round-about at Nebo and Morrison Road will begin in March. A Fire and Ice Run will be held in conjunction with the Luminary Festival with proceeds to assist the Fire Fighters’ Association. The splash pad is doing well with many positive comments.


PROGRAM: Scott Smalstig presented information about JAA (Junior Athletic Association) and youth sports in the area. Smalstig provided brief history on JAA which is serving more than 550 students with the ball park being used six days per week. He further reported that the league has hosted four district tournaments which covers more than 19 counties. Youth sports translates to great economic community development as a great opportunity for the children who participate as well as the adults who come to watch the tournaments. This provides a means for children to want to move on to play high school sports and provides potential for scholarships for college. There is a plan to reinvest $20,000 in capital improvements to the facility to make the park even better with future plans to create a special tee-ball field as tee ball creates the greatest number of participants. An additional plan for the future includes a Challenger League for special needs participants with the possibility of a façade to the part that replicates Fenway Park. Smalstig provided several ways for the community to support this effort which included providing assistance at the concession stands, sponsoring a team, and volunteering to assist with tournaments.  A question was raised about the parking at the facility and Smalstig encouraged people to park at the Yorktown schools and walk to the fields which is about a five minute walk which would alleviate some of the congestion at the ball fields. Another question was raised about the old school field and how to maintain this facility to make it more attractive.  Smalstig asked for continued support of JAA by the Chamber and encouraged cooperation that would funnel support into the town of Yorktown.


MISCELLANEOUS NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: The traveling library bag contained a new book to be passed on and read by any member. The Community Foundation is presenting 30 days of Community which includes six videos and twenty-four stories. Please like the Chamber’s Facebook page. Westminster Village still under construction with completion scheduled for spring.


TIP OF THE MONTH: Pete Olson presented a tip that included dealing with negativity in considering new ideas in the workplace. The “No, and No-but” concept was considered a detriment to planning and exploring new ideas. An exercise was conducted in small groups in which one person was encouraged to present an idea that might help the Chamber while the other members of the group provided only negative feedback.  Negativity made people feel excluded from a team. He believed that the word “no” should be eliminated from all planning and development sessions to encourage brainstorming and creativity.  A second activity provided positive feedback when an idea was presented which created a better sense of teamwork and enthusiasm within the group.




NEXT MEETING: November 17, 2015 – Bring a Guest!