Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting – Zoom

January 19, 2021


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Sarah McCord, Keith Gary, Rachel Tucker, Maureen Walby, Ed Armantrout, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Brendon Comp, Nate Jones, Chris Day, Ryan Ballard, Greg Hinshaw, Nancy Perry, Bruce McFarland, Pete Olson, Marta Guinn, Mary Ann Stroeh, Christy Ingram, Mark Goodpaster


QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Did you receive your second stimulus check and did you spend it locally? Most reported they had received it and many had spent it locally or donated it.


SECRETARY REPORT:       Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:      Ed Armantrout reported that the end of year balance was approximately $35,000, with two checks yet to clear. Treasurer’s Report was approved.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Four for the 4th – Chris Day – A promo was done on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the plan is to go forward with the event. Have begun fundraising efforts as the trails were used a great deal during 2020.


CREATION OF NEW COMMITTEE: Events on the Green – Pete Olson reached out to Clay Arnett about providing musical entertainment which will include Wednesdays and every other Friday. The town will cover the costs of the Wednesday entertainment and asked that the Chamber partner with the town in supporting this endeavor. In view of the fact that the funds allocated to assist with the purchase of a sign for Yorktown will no longer be used, it was agreed that the Chamber allocate that money to assist with the Greens project. It was agreed that the Chamber would be open to creating a committee to assist with this project and asked that volunteers contact Keith Gary, if interested in serving.


AWARDS COMMITTEE: Sarah McCord – It was decided that awards presentation will be postponed until fall.


SCHOOL REPORT: Dr. Greg Hinshaw – Construction project ongoing. The bid for the new tennis courts will open 1-19-21. New tennis courts will be located diagonally across from Pleasant View and there will be lighting for evening use. The old tennis courts will be demolished. There are proposed improvements for the cafeteria at the elementary school. There is COVID data on line and in spite of the restrictions school term is going well. Plans are being made to offer a virtual option as well as in-person classes.


TOWN REPORT: Pete Olson – The first town meeting of the New Year will be held 1-19-21 which will include election of officers and confirmation of department heads. Moving ahead with the Nebo sidewalk project. Will be working with the well project for cleaning and pump rebuilds with seven-year routine maintenance to be started. Civic Green project still in progress with cleaning up the small punch-list items.



LUNCH AND LEARN: Brendon Comp -Many good virtual programs to be offered through Shafer Leadership. Encourage Chamber members to take advantage of the programs.


PROGRAM: Nathan Jones – Delaware County Veterans Affairs – The organization served 59 residents of Yorktown during 2020. The group is currently working with the County Commissioners to formulate plants to assist homeless veterans. Jones discussed a specific case of a veteran who was living in a house with no working utilities which was also bug-infested. Jones believes that no veteran should have to live in those conditions. The group is in the process of creating a foundation to fund the project to help any veteran who finds themselves in this type of dire circumstances.


Jones also provides assistance to veterans who need help applying for benefits and filing claims such as pension or aid in attendance. The goal is to provide assistance to any veteran who has served in any conflict in order to make their lives better.


The group has worked with the American Legion and has assisted building three homes on Kilgore Ave. and hopes to formulate a partnership with towns in the area to continue this project.


The group would like the Yorktown Chamber to work together with them in building relationships in the community, and to assist with building projects and rehab of houses for veterans. Jones does not want to see any veteran turned away and has encouraged veterans to seek assistance through Delaware County Veterans Affairs. Jones can be reached at 765-747-7810 or on his cell phone at 765-760-2685.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: The Kiwanis Club will again be doing taxes for people whose earnings are less than $66,000. For more information, contact Ed Armantrout at 765-749-4354.


TIP OF THE MONTH:  Mark Goodpaster – COVID related information and questions:

  1. Could COVID vaccine make you sick? For the most part, the answer is NO and side effects seem to be minimal.
  2. After getting the vaccine, will I test positive for COVID? The answer is NO, but may show up as antibodies in a test.
  3. If I had COVID, do I still need the vaccine? YES
  4. How long will I be protected after having had the vaccine? Experts don’t know the length of protection at this time and will provide information as soon as it is available from CDC.
  5. Will vaccine protect me from getting COVID? YES, it is 90-95% effective.
  6. Will COVID vaccine alter DNA? No


MEETING ADJOURNED:                 Next meeting – ZOOM – February 16, 2021.