Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting – Zoom

December 15, 2020


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:             Matt Anderson, Keith Gary, Maureen Walby, Jeff Robinson, Sarah McCord, Greg Hinshaw, Dustin Humm, Chris Cook, Brendon Comp, Pete Olson, Chris Day, Mary Ann Stroeh, Nancy Perry, Tyler Ewing, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves


QUESTION OF THE DAY:                Did you do more online shopping this year? Most responded they had done the majority of their shopping on line.


SECRETARY REPORT:                       Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:                      Ed Armantrout reported there were a couple of changes as the vendor booth fees had been refunded in the amount of $300. There was an advertising expense of $80 for Christmas on the Green. It was reported that the Arts Council was no longer going forward with a decorative sign and the amount pledged by the Chamber to assist with that purchase was no longer going to be designated for that purpose.  Treasurer report was approved.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:                  A new Chamber planning committee is being considered which will assist with events on the Green. It began as Christmas on the Green and will allow the Chamber to engage in community events. The committee will include Chamber members as well as people from the community who would have an interest in this endeavor.


AWARDS COMMITTEE:                  Sarah McCord agreed to serve as co-chairman of this committee with Rachel Tucker. Most likely the Awards Ceremony will take place in February, 2021. Awards categories will remain the same as last year.


SCHOOL REPORT:                             Dr. Greg Hinshaw reported that quarantine as result of Covid, would now be ten days rather than fourteen days. With new information from the Health Department, school would be allowed more flexibility. Virtual learning will become a hybrid learning experience, with transition to 100% in-person in K-12 being offered. Construction on the building is on schedule and now getting ready to secure bids on the new tennis courts.


TOWN REPORT:                                Pete Olson provided information about the completion of the current fiscal year and looking forward to 2021. The Green Project is still under construction but should be completed by October, 2021.


LUNCH AND LEARN:                       Shafer Leadership is focusing on leadership development with a minimum of three programs being offered each month on a variety of topics with an all-virtual platform offered since March, 2020. The program has served approximately 3,500 people in 2020. The program plans to reach out to more people through local chambers with a new-member model to attract increased chamber memberships.


The cost of belonging to the program is $3,000 and includes many more workshops and hopefully some in-person, all-day learning opportunities. Opportunities will also be offered to chamber members for their staff. Shafer would like to have access to chamber member email contact information in order to directly communicate with chamber members regarding learning opportunities and programs. Shafer will offer a discount to businesses with more than 50 employees.  Programs scheduled for January, 2021 were discussed.


Discussion continued about tracking Chamber attendance at events to ascertain if members were participating in Shafer programs. Motion carried to participate in the Shafer learning experience for 2021.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS:                                Chris Day provided the slate of officers for 2021 with all elected for a continuing term in 2021.


PROGRAM – YORKTOWN COMMUNITY SCHOOL FOUNDATION:                Chris Cook provided information about the foundation which began in 1995, with the mission of raising funds to benefit local schools and the community. In 2019, a not-for-profit foundation was created with governance, and a mission plan.


Every new kindergarten student was provided a tee shirt which promoted the importance of being part of their school team.  A pumpkin fundraiser was held which resulted in $1,000 being raised for each school. An educator survey was distributed asking for feedback about school needs with the majority of responses requesting assistance with the Science Lab at Yorktown Middle School. Website for the foundation is https://yorktownschoolsfoundation.org.  The motto for the foundation is “Fundraising is the gentle art of persuading people to experience the joy of giving.”


ANNOUNCEMENTS:       The Kiwanis Club is offering Abbotts Caramels for sale. For information please contact Ed Armantrout at 749-4354. Reach is partnering with Osborn’s Restaurant to provide a community meal. Information will be placed on Chamber Website. Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves was thanked for her assistance with the Chamber Facebook page.


TIP OF THE MONTH:                       Mark Goodpaster provided tips for working at home during the Covid restrictions: 1. Set aside a dedicated work space 2. Find a place that will promote productivity 3. Don’t work so long that you become burned out. 4. Be casual 5. Make collaboration part of your day to prevent isolation 6. Stay connected to your colleagues 7. Commit to working productively 8. Don’t get distracted.


MEETING ADJOURNED:                 Next meeting – January 19, 2021