Yorktown Chamber

Monthly Meeting

August 16, 2022

The Oliver Building


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Greg Hinshaw, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Keith Gary, Kristi Ingram, Bonita Ramirez, Ed Armantrout, Matt Anderson, Joel Brumley, Tim Williams, Kat Blankenbaker, Tyler Ewing, Rich Lee, Barb Baker, Shelby Bowen, Matt Howell, Steve Stroeh, Mary Ann Stroeh, Jonathan Chambless, Dan McDonald, Ryan Gernand,  Maureen Walby, Scott Jordan, Brendon Comp, Erin Ailstock, Chad Ray


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can you share some good news? Members shared many good things that are happening in their businesses and personal life.


TREASURER REPORT: Kristi Ingram reported that the Chamber had received more than $500 in annual dues. Report approved as submitted.


SECRETARY REPORT:  Minutes approved as submitted.


SCHOOL REPORT:        Dr. Hinshaw reported that school was off to a great start this year and feels normal again. All certified teaching positions are filled, being fully staffed after the July/August board meeting. Enrollment has increased between 25 and 30 students, with growth being about 40% since 2010. The school district has hired a second school resource officer who is fully trained. All safety plans have been reviewed this summer. The district is currently evaluating long-term facility needs and will now be looking at renovations to the high school building. The band had a great summer season, and with volleyball and other sports doing well.


TOWN REPORT: Rich Lee reported that the roundabout is now open and was completed on time. As planned, the board is currently looking into connecting the trails, and looking into future development. Interviews are underway for hiring a new Town Marshall. Questions were raised about what the gas company will be doing about repaving the areas where they have been working. August 30th is the expected date of completion for the bridge project.


LUNCH AND LEARN: Brendon Comp reported that Lunch and Learn is scheduled for September 29, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Members may register on the Website, with the topic to be networking as presented by Shafer Leadership.


PROGRAM:      The Oliver Building – Shelby Bowen – The focus has been on community engagement as a vision for Yorktown, with rethinking downtown Yorktown.  A plan was presented for a development partnership with the town because they wanted higher standards and a common vision. Plans have been underway to secure tenants to occupy the 8,000 sq. ft. commercial space. Several small suites are included in the office space that is currently available. There has been a great deal of focus on the 26 apartments in the building which feature wonderful views and many amenities. There are currently eight 2-bedroom units, with the remainder 1 bedroom, 1 bath units, all currently with a waiting list. Many of the new tenants have moved to Yorktown from other areas. The restaurant space on the first floor is currently a work in progress, with other commercial tenants in the works, as well.  Bowen is very committed to making everyone who occupies the Oliver space, comfortable and happy and he further stated that he is happy to be part of the Yorktown community.


Bowen has spearheaded other similar developments in the Lafayette, Speedway and McCordsville areas. He has been dedicated to creating a town center for these communities in partnership with these towns and cities. Bowen is looking forward to the possibility of another similar project in Yorktown. Bowen was pleased to offer the Oliver community space for use by Yorktown Chamber and other civic organizations.



Many thanks to those who assisted with the Concerts on the Green – Christina Mann, Amy Spangler and Kat Blankenbaker.  WIPB “Welcome to Yorktown” video will have preview presentation at Town Hall for those who participated on Thursday, August 18, 6:30 p.m.  Erin Ailstock is working on Chamber Connections, so please send in your form with information about your business so you can be featured. Yorktown Farmer’s Market is doing very well and is rated No. 4 in the State. Members can vote for the Yorktown Market by going to the FB page.


TIP OF THE MONTH: No tips this month as Mark Goodpaster was unable to attend.


NEXT MEETING:          September 20 – Chase Point Clubhouse, 9613 W. Premier Dr., Yorktown (Cammack)