Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

August 17, 2021

Yorktown Town Hall


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Kristi Ingram, Ed Armantrout, Keith Gary, Greg Hinshaw, Pete Olson, Mary Ann Stroeh, Bonita Ramirez, Tim Williams, Tyler Ewing, Carly Acree King, Ryan Ballard, Rich Lee, Brendon Comp, Stacey Brewer, Ryan Vaughn, Maureen Walby, Mark Goodpaster, Becky Monroe

PRESENTATION SCOUTS: Chad Spangler, Scout Master, provided presentation about proposed project for the scouts to raise funds for a scouting trip to Philmont, Mexico for Troop 69. The cost for each scout to attend is $2,500. The project is called “Light Up Yorktown” and consists of a kit which is being offered to the public for $12.00 each and includes items to prepare the luminaire. The date of the community lighting is December 11, 5:30 – 10 p.m. Please visit the Website at lightupyorktown.com.

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Have you attended a concert or eaten downtown?  Most have done either or both.

SECRETARY REPORT:               Approved as submitted.

TREASURER REPORT:               The Chamber has received $4,750 in donations for the concerts. There have been two cancellations. There are several checks from Four for the 4th that haven’t come in. Treasurer’s report approved as submitted.

FOUR FOR THE 4TH:                   There were 900 who registered for the event with 720 participants, with $30,000 raised. The group is continuing to work with the school foundation as a partner in the event.

EVENTS ON THE GREEN:         The committee met and identified the concerts for next season. Amy Spangler from Mr. Mouse is the chairperson for this event.

SCHOOL REPORT:                     Dr. Greg Hinshaw – Enrollment is up by ten students. Test scores were down somewhat. Will be offering additional Indiana Core College classes with subjects that will transfer as a group toward college credits and will be partnering with IU. There are more than 500 students on campus at this time. Construction ongoing with expected completion in early 2022. The tennis courts have not been paved but will be done in the near future. The school continues to wrestle with the COVID issues, including contact tracing and quarantine, wearing of facemasks, etc.

TOWN REPORT:                        Pete Olson – Muncie Power Products is expanding in Park One and are making approximately $25M in improvements. I & M replacing street lights in Yorktown. County Redevelopment is working on County Road 600 to get the “jog” out of the road. Work continues on the Oliver Building however, supplies and trusses have been delayed due to lack of truckers. There will be commercial enterprises on the first floor with apartments on the second and third floors, and parking for the apartments. The Sewer plant is approximately seven/eighths completed.

LUNCH AND LEARN:                Brendon Comp – Hoping to begin in January with a new series. Comp encouraged members to take advantage of the Shafer Leadership programs currently being offered.

PROGRAM:                                Yorktown Schools Homecoming – Stacey Brewer – The group has organized the parade, business participation, student athletes and many activities planned. Continuing to move forward with ideas that promote Tiger Pride. There will be a great deal of decorating for homecoming with many students who want to participate. The date of the event is September 18, 2021, with the game on Friday, September 17th. Any business who would like to have a float in the parade is encouraged to do so.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY:              Becky Monroe – Thanks were given to the Boy Scouts who assisted with a fundraiser for the Historical Society. The Society building was offered to the Chamber for any special meetings. The next Historical Society meeting will be August 24, 7 p.m. with program presented by Steve Brown on artifacts.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:                 Reminder of concert on Friday night, August 20, with food trucks at the event.

TIP OF THE MONTH:                Mark Goodpaster – Don’t get mad, get a puppy. Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping. Before you marry someone, make them use a computer with slow internet. If she asks for chicken nuggets, buy 10. If a man says he will do something, he will do it; just don’t ask him every six months.

NEXT MEETING:                        September 21, 2021 – Yorktown Town Hall Building.