Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

April 16, 2019

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Keith Gary, Charles Joseph, Greg Hinshaw, A. Thornburg, Barbara Baker, Al Baker, Patti Decker, Carly Acree-King, Chris Day, Mark Goodpaster, Brendon Comp, Doug Baim, Jacque Chiudioni, Tom Chiudioni, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Leslie Baim, Doug Baim, Mike Baker, Erica Bouse, Fran Bullock, Ryan Ballard, Maureen Walby, Ed Armantrout


QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Do you do continuing education on line or in person? Most responded that they do both.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR:  Reeds Plumbing – Ashley Reed was unable to attend due to family illness.


SECRETARY REPORT:             Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:             Ed Armantrout – Approved as submitted. Final bills for Luminary Festival have been submitted.


FOUR FOR THE 4TH                  Registration is moving along well. There is a price increase this year, with 60-70 entries prior to the price increase. Registration is 60% ahead of last year with about 15% first-time participants. Volunteers are needed – information provided on the website.


SCHOOL REPORT:                   Greg Hinshaw – Pleasant View and Transportation Project going well with continued planning for the next phase at the middle school project to begin in the spring of 2020. Continue with adding dual credit courses for the high school, with certified music program being added for the fall. I-Step testing has been replaced with I-Learn, with the third grade performing above state level on reading testing.


LUNCH AND LEARN:              Brendon Comp – Final lunch and learn will be held on Thursday, April 18, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.   Presenter will be Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves with topic of running a successful small business.  The event will be held at the Mr. Mouse annex building.


PROGRAM:                             Charles Joseph – Lowery Home Made Candy – Lowerys Candies began in 1941 and has been a family-owned business for over 77 years. In 1965 the business moved to its current location and has grown into its current 5,500 square feet of production space.  Located at 6255 W. Kilgore Avenue, Lowerys uses more than 45,000 lbs. of chocolate each year with over 600 lbs. of butter as well as many other quality ingredients in order to produce a very high quality product. All chocolates are hand-dipped, with cremes being stirred in copper kettles, and toffee being poured out to cool on marble slabs. Some of the machinery used in the candy production is more than 100 years old. Lowerys uses the skills that have been learned and practiced for decades in order to meet their standards for producing candies with “old fashioned quality.” Questions welcomed by Joseph, including how chocolate covered cherries are made. Joseph provided samples of various candies for members to enjoy.


MISCELLANEOUS CHAMBER NEWS:  The 2019 Luminary Festival will be held December 14; Ryan Ballard cautioned chamber members to be careful at school bus stops, as many drivers are not yielding to school buses. Keep an eye out for children as they get on and off the school bus; applications are available for Community Foundation Grants with assistance being provided to complete applications, if needed.


TIPS FOR THE MONTH:          Mark Goodpaster – Thank you to Reeds Plumbing for being a breakfast sponsor.  Tips -To provide longer life for an I-phone battery, be sure to close all open apps, turn off WiFi or Bluetooth and be sure the phone is not too hot or too cold.  Be aware that hot spots make you more vulnerable to hackers.  Be aware of Internet scams, especially those requesting money, as they can hack into your bank accounts easily. Update privacy settings frequently.  Know the benefits of drinking water – cold water stimulates alertness and frees the mind while hot water releases muscles and removes toxins from the skin.




NEXT MEETING:                     May 21, 2019 – Bring a Guest!