Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Chamber Meeting

March 15, 2016

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Tim Williams, Mark Goodpaster, Barbara Baker, Al Baker, Marty Ballard, Bonita Ramirez, Pat Smith, Sarah McCord, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Kallie Sulanke, Steve Murphy, Chris Day, Sharon Grubbs, Diana Smiley, Melissa Bucur, Patti Decker, David Riggs, Niccole Mansker, Mary Ann Stroeh, Brendon Comp, Rich Lee, Starr Manning, Perry Dotson, Keith Gary, Scott Temple, Jennifer McCormick, Steve Wickliffe, Lela Boucher, Maureen Walby, Steve Perry, Pete Olson, Becky Monroe, Lee Snider.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is your favorite Easter candy?


BREAKFAST SPONSOR: Sarah McCord, Lee H. Snider – Cardinal Capital Management is an asset management firm that assists with financial and retirement planning. McCord stated that Social Security only provides 40% of income needed for retirement and having a 401K plan can help meet additional funding needs. Snider indicated that Cardinal Capital Management can assist clients with building their portfolios by providing information about stocks, bonds and international investment opportunities.


SECRETARY REPORT:                       Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:                      Approved as submitted.


SCHOOL REPORT: Jennifer McCormick indicated that the schools are getting ready for spring break and are also getting geared up for summer school. She indicated that a great deal of maintenance work is underway at the school buildings. She provided information about the READ program at the elementary school and indicated it had been very successful. Yorktown’s Spelling Bee Champion will go on to next phase of competition. The band and athletics programs have done well this year.


TOWN REPORT: Pete Olson indicated that tree-cutting was in progress on River Road to make way for the walking trail. The Jackson / Nebo Road roundabout project is scheduled to begin June 1. The detour during construction will route traffic to County Road 500.  The Redevelopment Committee is meeting to discuss the Canal Street bids. Council meeting will be Monday, March 21, with several housekeeping items on the agenda.


LUMINARY FESTIVAL REPORT: The committee has purchased three new decorative pieces to be used at the 2016 event.


PROGRAM: Perry Dotson, head golf pro with the Player’s Club, presented information about the economic impact the club and its events have on the Yorktown area. The club was built in 1991 as a public golf course which further impacted the development of Woodland Trails, custom housing, adjacent to the golf course.


The course hosts quite a number of corporate outings and attracts both local businesses and groups from Richmond, Indianapolis and the Franklin areas.  The club further hosts a USGA qualifier event as well as a number of charity golf tournaments.


The course provides a golf event for a Special Olympics group that meets weekly during the summer. The group began with ten participants and has increased to about forty.


The Yorktown High School and the Muncie Central High School golf teams as well as golfers from both Ball State University and Taylor University participate in events at the Players’ Club.


Private golf lessons are available for both children and adults and also includes a junior program that takes place for a week in July. Golf clubs are available for the junior event.


Dotson encourages participants at Players’ Club events to utilize local Yorktown services and believes golf events positively impact the Yorktown area businesses and economic development.


COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Becky Monroe, with the Yorktown Historical Alliance, will be hosting a book signing at the Alliance, Saturday, March 18, 2-5 p.m. The book features the history of Yorktown and is available for purchase on that date at a cost of $21.99. Monroe further encouraged people to visit the Historical Alliance; the town endowment grant applications are available through the Community Foundation and are due May 1.  Deadline for the Sursa Award for exemplary leadership is March 31; The Nazarene Church YCON festival is scheduled for May 14, with vendor booths available for $25; Indiana Run for the Fallen will pass through Yorktown on May 13, 14 and honors fallen service men and women.  People are encouraged to be along the route through Yorktown to cheer them on; Morrison Woods raised $2,500 for the Harvest Food Bank with the proceeds providing 10,000 meals for those in need; The Muncie Soup Kitchen golf event fundraiser will be held at the Players’ Club in August; The YWCA is hosting a benefit luncheon at the Texas Road House, Thursday, March 17, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.; ITC Hoops Open House will be hosted at Indiana Trust, March 18, noon – 5 p.m.



The city will be planting 100 trees at the community garden area. The 4-6 inch saplings will provide the opportunity to start a nursery.

Other tips:  Study the community’s past history so you can model for the future; if you are in business, find a mentor who can help with ideas and support; try doing things differently; it’s more about doing than knowing.




NEXT MEETING:                April 19, 2016 – Bring a Guest!