Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2017

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Leslie Baim, Patti Decker, Paul Peery, Ed Armantrout, Al Baker, Barbara Baker, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Mary Ann Stroeh, Matt Anderson, Mark Goodpaster, Bonita Ramirez, Rick Yencer, Dan Nicholson, David Riggs, Rachel Tucker, Donna Penticuff, Brendon Comp, Tim Williams, Megan O’Connor, Pete Olson, Keith Gary, Maureen Walby, Chris Day, Todd Blevins.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Ed Armantrout asked if members were planning to attend Four for the 4th activities. Most members planned to attend.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR: Yorktown Public Library – Liz Rozelle – Presented information about the library and services during the program.


SECRETARY REPORT:             Approved as submitted


TREASURER REPORT:             Approved as submitted


COMMITTEE REPORTS:          Four for the 4th – Registration for the event is very close to last year’s participation. There are many nice gifts with registration including tee shirt, coolers, bags, and lanyards with logo. Sponsors are encouraged to use their complimentary registrations. The event encourages participants for all levels of ability. Volunteers are needed for the event and those interested can register at the website. Chamber members were encouraged to share information about the upcoming event. Other activities being offered include cardboard boat race, pie baking contest, food vendors, rubber duck race and fireworks.


TOWN REPORT: Reminder that June 23 is movie in the park sponsored by the Arts Council. The movie will be “E. T.” with sponsor being Wealth Strategies. Information was provided about the property formerly occupied by the Police Department and Town Hall. Property will soon be released to new owners. Will be meeting with steering committee and sharing information about how to get information out to downtown businesses. Members were encouraged to check Website: yorktownin.org.


PROGRAM: Yorktown Public Library – Liz Rozelle and Monica Thomas – Liz Rozelle, serving as the director of the Yorktown Public Library since 2005, presented information regarding programs and services offered by the library. Rozelle introduced Monica Thomas who teaches computer classes and provides other technology assistance to library patrons. The library offers access to twelve public computers, access to Internet, free Wi-Fi, as well as a variety of classes and programs available to patrons of all ages. Currently, the library is offering a summer reading program, as well as outreach programs to nursing home residents and shut-ins. The summer reading program is self-funded through generous donations. A variety of library cards are available including a non-resident card at a cost of $49.50. The library accepts book donations, some of which are incorporated into the collection while others are offered at the Friends of the Library book sale. Funds from the book sale are used to fund local community projects. The library collaborates with the town to provide the summer reading program at Morrows Meadow, as well as working with the public schools on other endeavors. The Yorktown Schools provided the use of tables for the book sale. Library hours are as follows: Monday – 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Tuesday- 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Wednesday – 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Thursday – 10:00 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Friday – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Saturday – 10:00 a.m. – 4 p.m. – Sunday – Closed.


COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS – Arts Council presenting movie in the Meadow on June 23rd at dusk. Movie will be “E.T.”; A painted piano has been placed at the splash pad – feel free to play the piano and send photos to town of Yorktown; There are two tiger benches available for businesses. If interested contact Todd Blevins; The Arts Council is looking for board members with meeting on the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.; 100 men who cook has expanded to include 11 women with the event taking place the first Saturday in November; The Woodlands will be hosting a senior fair and carnival from 12 – 4 p.m. – June 24th, 3820 W. Jackson St.; The Wounded Veteran Car Show and Ride – June 24, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. – 6410 W. McGalliard Rd. (Benson Motorcycle location).


TIP OF THE MONTH: Mark Goodpaster – When you allow someone to borrow an item, take a picture of them with the item, so you will remember who has it; when you go to the store, take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator, so you will know what to buy; use a can opener to open blister packs; dip Oreos in milk with a fork inserted between the layers to avoid wet fingers; when putting a nail in the wall, grip the nail with a clothespin to avoid hitting fingers; to light candles with short wick use a piece of spaghetti; use tooth paste for cleaning cloudy car headlights; use a frozen sponge for an ice pack; when organizing drawers, fold items and place in drawer vertically rather than horizontally; use a straw to remove stems from strawberries.




NEXT MEETING:                     August 22, 2017 – BRING A GUEST!