Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

April 18, 2017

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Adam Unger, Tim Williams, Mark Goodpaster, Barbara Baker, Al Baker, Bonita Ramirez, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Kallie Sulanke, Chris Day, Susan Orebaugh, Leslie Baim, Patti Decker, David Riggs, Fran Bullock, Ed Armantrout, Niccole Mansker, Mary Ann Stroeh, Brendon Comp, Pete Olson, Keith Gary, Jennifer Groves, Maureen Walby, Barry Banks


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Did you participate in an Easter egg hunt? Most all who have young children and grandchildren participated.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR: Edward Jones – Chris Day – Invited members and guests to participate in Coffee Club which meets at 8 a.m., the last Thursday of each month, to discuss financial issues and economic trends. Day indicated that Edward Jones is also a licensed insurance agency.


SECRETARY REPORT:                       Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:                      Approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:                  Four for the 4th – Transitioning from sponsor requests toward marketing due to growth of the event.  Much manpower and resources are needed for the event. Requested volunteers to assist with race events. Documents have been submitted for formation of non-profit status and will include formation of a board of directors and its own budget for the event.


TOWN REPORT:                                Pete Olson – Offer has been submitted on town hall/police station project and will move to Lions Club building during construction. Veritas has been hired to do a market analysis and will be looking at what types of businesses should be pursued and also elements of business retention. Also, looking at what makes businesses successful for the long-term. The town would like to partner with the Chamber to pursue these goals. There will be a half-day training offered on May 17, regarding moving forward with area development.


PROGRAM:         Red Tail Land Conservancy – Barry Banks – The not-for-profit organization was formulated in 1999 for the purpose of land conservation and is made up of many people who share the goal to restore and protect natural land sources. The organization owns approximately eight-hundred acres of land in East Central Indiana spanning four counties. The Conservancy promotes awareness of our natural land heritage and the need to conserve natural land. Red Tail Land Conservancy raises awareness through community education. The organization recently purchased forty-two acres known as Valena Woods near Yorktown. Red Tail is a proponent of nature parks that contain native plants, outdoor recreation areas so that people can take advantage of being in close proximity with natural land sources, complete with hiking trails with interpretive signs about the plants, birds and wildlife found there and would like to partner with Yorktown to further this goal.


COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The Community Foundation continues to offer opportunities for non-profit organizations to apply for grants. The application is on-line; The Yorktown Kiwanis prepared 62 tax returns for people in the Yorktown area; Four for the 4th will feature the “big duck” race at a cost of $100 per duck; The Yorktown United Methodist Church will be hosting a chicken noodle dinner on May 12, 4-7 p.m.; Hillcroft Ice Cream Cards are available from Keith Gary; The Yorktown Farmer’s Market will begin on the first Wednesday in June; Grand Grilling is available to assist with graduation parties and other upcoming summer events; A “tiger bench” meeting will be held on Thursday, April 20th,  with decisions about how long benches will used outdoors.


TIP OF THE MONTH: Mark Goodpaster – Provided health tips which included, diet, exercise, having friends, good sleep patterns, maintaining proper weight, reducing stress, set measurable goals, stay positive and get routine health screenings.




NEXT MEETING:                                May 16, 2017 – Bring a Guest!