Sue Dalton, owner of Dalton & Co. Professional Cleaning Supply, is one of the county’s true superheroes. Sometimes not well known, but she is certainly a superhero in the eyes of any and many who serve alongside her in her many contributions to our community, said Alan Holdren, Yorktown Chamber member who nominated her for the 2015 Delaware County Integrity Award.

Sue also most recently was named Business Network International member of the year for the central region from 1,200 members. Executive director Travis Sims, said, “She demonstrated the highest level of Givers Gain in our region by passing referrals to other business owners, helping them close business, building relationships, etc. She…regularly mentors others in her chapter.”

She is nominee for ATHENA award presented by Women in Business Unlimited. The honors show that Sue is more than a salesperson whose business is selling toilet tissue, paper towels, other paper products, hotel amenities, floor matting, cleaners, floor finishers, odor control, floor equipment, vacuums, coy paper and office supplies, brooms, brushes, squeegees, food service disposables, break room supplies, mop buckets, trash receptacles and so much more.

Sue and her company don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Her company is well known for its customer appreciation luncheon, where she has her vendors meet her clients in a sort of trade show atmosphere paired with a free meal. She likes the personal touch in doing business, the face-to-face interaction, relationship selling. And Sue has the relationships with her clients, her community and her organizations.

One partner, Meridian Health Services, a healthcare organization, has been working with Sue and her company for several years. Brenda Irelan Conley, facilities director, said, “From a business standpoint, she has always been helpful with products, offers ideas and training, offers to let us try new products and equipment before purchasing, and hooks us up with sales reps, etc. She is patient, professional, and always customer service friendly. We most of the time see her in jeans/work clothes. You will often find her operating a tow motor or working filling orders. No job is too small or too big for her.”

In February 2003, Sue says that she became unemployed and her husband Dave said it was time for Sue to invest in herself. “We used our savings, rented a storage warehouse, bought an old tow motor and went to work at Dalton & Co.,” said Sue. “In April 2004 we purchased Professional Cleaning Supply from Doug Eckerty and moved from the storage warehouse to the location on Cromer Ave. We became Dalton & Co. Professional Cleaning Supply.”

In 2012 she purchased her own building at 1901 W. Kilgore Ave. “With more warehouse space we can offer so much more to our clients,” explained Sue. Dalton & Co. serves six surrounding counties, Delaware, Randolph, Henry, Blackford, Jay, and Marion.

“We can deliver same day or next day because we stock what our clients use. Our motto is ‘If we can’t get it…you don’t need it.’ This means if we don’t have what you need, we refer you to a trusted professional.”

Her professional organizations have included Women In Business Unlimited (WIBU), past president; WIBU, past board member; W.O.M.E.N./ ABWA., past board member; Delaware County Safety Council, past board member; Business Networking International, 12-year member; and Muncie-Delaware County, Jay, Randolph, Henry, Blackford, and Yorktown chambers

Her community and volunteer activities that contribute to the betterment of the women and children in our community include A Better Way Women & Children’s Shelter, 12 years; Second Harvest Food Bank, 12 years; Blood & Fire Ministries, 5 years; Inside Out Community Center, 5 years; Toys for Tots, 12 years; Secret Families Christmas Program/Delaware Co., 12 years; Muncie Boys & Girls Club, 3 years; Meridian Services, 12 years; First Choice for Women, 3 years; Hearts and Hands United, 12 years; YWCA, 2 years; and Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry, 3 years.

Al Holdren, the Founder of Secret Families Christmas Program in Delaware County, said, “Sue is a lieutenant that for many of us in charge of a project prays shows up with others just like her in tow…Sue says very little but does more than almost anyone I have ever served with.” Normally Sue raised funds for Secret Families but one year she volunteered to shop for a family. Her family was a mother of two. Nothing on the mother’s list was actually a personal item for the mother herself. Instead, the mother requested shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, first aid kits, bath soap, etc. That gave Sue the idea to start an additional household products gift bag in 2013. Because of her idea, 320 families received that bag in 2014. And the mothers could ask for something for themselves for the first time.

Sue has four grown children, 10 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, two dogs and four cats. She and her late husband Dave always had fly-ins at her house. After he died, she sold his two planes but she still hosts several fly-ins each summer.

Dalton & Company Professional Cleaning Supply
Sue J. Dalton
fax: 765.282.1945
1901 W. Kilgore Ave.
Muncie, IN 47304
M-F 8-5