Yorktown Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting – October 18, 2022

ReMax Realty

8919 W. Adaline St., Suite 2

Yorktown, IN 47396

INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME:  Mark Goodpaster, Kat Blankenbaker, Greg Hinshaw, Steve Stroeh, Bonita Ramirez, Brendon Comp, Ed Armantrout, Kristi Ingram, Rich Lee, Matt Anderson, Elizabeth Rowray, Rick Yencer, Sarah McCord, Tyler Ewing, Joel Brumley, Erin Ailstock, Brenda Williamson, Maureen Walby.

MOMENT OF SILENCE:  A moment of silence was held in memory of Erin Hurley’s husband, John Thomas “Tom” Hurley who passed away suddenly on October 17, 2022.

QUESTION OF THE DAY:  During this “spooky” season, what do you do to celebrate? Some decorated, participated in trick-or-treat, others just enjoyed the fall season and fall sports.

TREASURER REPORT:  Current balance $36,875.54.

SECRETARY REPORT:   Approved as submitted.

SCHOOL REPORT:        Dr. Greg Hinshaw – Contracts have been settled with the teachers and the base wage increase is $3,500, with beginning salary for new teacher set at $50K, with the school system being fully staffed and fully licensed this year. Non-certified staff will receive a 4% pay increase. Congratulations to the Yorktown Girls’ Volleyball team for winning the sectional. Both boys’ and girls’ cross country teams are doing well; football team is 6/2 this season. Tennis teams have done well. Enrollment has increased by 24 students, with total of 2,719.

TOWN REPORT:          Lon Fox (President of the Yorktown Council) – The new Town Marshall has begun in his position. There are new Police Department trucks and the force is at full capacity. There have been 12 applicants for the Yorktown Town Manager’s position and hope to have a new person in place by 12/31/22. The roundabout work has been completed except for the perimeter lighting which is on backorder. The Chase Bank Building will be a multi-purpose facility with a letter of intent for a grocery (Horner’s) in progress. The Council looked at districting and decided that not many changes will be made. The Council is obligated to look at this issue following a census year. A lease agreement has been reached with REACH Ministries for the use of the old Lions’ Club building. Reach will now have space to grow. Other Council issues discussed included the purchase of fire equipment, generators, etc. New Council members will take their seats in January, 2023. Invitation extended to join the ribbon cutting event on October 29, 6:00 p.m. Music featuring Cook and Bell will be offered from 7 – 9 p.m.

CIVIC GREEN COMMITTEE: Kat Blankenbaker – Reported that Civic Green concerts have paid for themselves with $1,600 extra. Thanks were extended to the sponsors, and looking forward to next year’s concert

PROGRAM:      Elizabeth Rowray – Muncie/Delaware Chamber of Commerce –  Rowray reported that she had been worked with the Chamber about 17 years ago and was pleased to be back at the Chamber on April 1. Rowray, who lives in Yorktown applauded Dr. Greg Hinshaw, and his dedication to the Yorktown Schools. The theme established at the annual meeting of the Muncie/Delaware Chamber is rebuilding. Rowray stated that chambers are struggling across the country and believes working together with other chambers to promote business and growth is crucial. Rowray stated that assisting local and new businesses by providing educational opportunities promotes unity and confidence in the community. With declining Chamber membership, the Muncie/Delaware Chamber is currently “rebuilding” a new chamber to better meet the need of its members with a concentrated focus on networking and collaboration. Rowray indicated that positions within the Chamber were being redefined with Brenda Brumfield handling events, Whitney Carmichael handling communications and marketing.

The Chamber is working with IDDC- Travel and Tourism in the State and exploring the best way to promote tourism in the area. The Chamber is also working with minority-owned industries in the area to become certified with the State of Indiana. Will pursue offering a pilot program on this issue.

A new Chamber Website is under construction and will have an economic development portion, as well.

The Chamber is fostering business retention and expansion with an effort to attract new businesses to the area.

The Chamber budget is healthy and fully staffed.

Rowray closed with saying that the Muncie/Delaware Chamber wants to do a better job of helping Chamber members tell their story. Questions and answers followed the presentation.

NOMINATION:                          Ed Armantrout agreed to handle nominations for the election of officers for Yorktown Chamber 2023.

ANNUAL AWARDS:     Tyler Ewing working on this with a possible date for the luncheon of December 13. Westminster Village to cater this event.  A list of recipients of past awards was requested.

NEW CHAMBER WEBSITE:      Matt Howell is working on the new Yorktown Chamber Website which is scheduled to launch in the near future.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:    BSU Homecoming scheduled for October 22. Sarah McCord indicated that a tailgate party would be held and to stop by the Cardinal Capital Management RV to say “hi” and enjoy food.

TIP OF THE MONTH:   Mark Goodpaster – The headrest in your car can be removed and used to break the windows of the car in an emergency. To keep your computer from timing-out, place an analog watch under your mouse. Look on your car’s dash control panel next to the gas gauge and you will find an arrow that points to the side of the car where the gas tank is located. The red circle on a milk carton will pop out if the milk is bad.


NEXT MEETING:          November 15 – Whitinger and Company, 1100 W. White River Blvd., Muncie, IN 47303 – Bring a guest!