Yorktown Chamber

Monthly Meeting

February 15, 2022

Yorktown Town Hall


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Dane Carpenter, Kristie Carpenter, Mark Goodpaster, Keith Gary, Pete Olson, Greg Hinshaw, Bonita Ramirez, Ed Armantrout, Mary Ann Stroeh, Steve Stroeh, Carolyn “Buffy” Grieves, Kristi Ingram, Rick Yencer, Brendon Comp, Tyler Ewing, Ryan Vaughn, Tracey Gregory, Shane Ginnan, Ashley Slaven, Maureen Walby.


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Kristi Ingram – How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Many indicated with flowers and gifts, others with cards, some with candy while others decided to forego exchanging gifts or celebrating.


SECRETARY REPORT:      Approved as submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:     Approved as submitted.


SCHOOL REPORT:            Dr. Greg Hinshaw – The south campus is getting its certificate of occupancy, with all of the spaces being utilized. New construction is timely and within budget, with no impact on property tax. The tennis courts are almost completed and were paid for with cash. A ribbon cutting is planned for spring to showcase school improvements, date to be announced. Improvements at the high school are planned, specifically, to the front of the building and physical education space. COVID numbers are down with the peak having been the week of January 17th with now only about one case per day. The school is gearing up for SAT to be administered to all high school juniors. The I-Learn testing will begin in March. The school has maintained favorable test scores during the pandemic. Spring break will be the last full week of March. The Yorktown Community Schools has done approximately $35 million in work with a strong revenue stream still remaining.


TOWN REPORT: Pete Olson – The roundabout on River and Nebo Road, a $1.6 million project, is scheduled to begin May 30, with a 60-day window of completion, taking in to account extra time for rain days. The $10 million sewer plant project is coming to an end. Plans are in the works to begin modernization of the sewer system at Park 1. The construction on the Oliver Building is on schedule and within budget. There have been showings of the second and third floor apartments to prospective tenants. The Christmas lights on the trees in downtown will be taken down in March. Many residents requested that they really enjoyed seeing the lights in downtown and asked that they be left up to be enjoyed.


LUNCH AND LEARN: Brendon Comp – The first Lunch and Learn session was canceled as there were not enough confirmed reservations to go forward. Will send out a questionnaire to get an idea of interest in this project and hopefully, moved forward with the April Lunch and Learn event.  Shafer Leadership events still available, with some being offered in person. Information is posted on both the Chamber Website and Shafer’s Website.


CIVIC GREEN: Keith Gary indicated that the calendar for sponsorships is now available and will be circulated and discussed at the March Chamber meeting.


PROGRAM:  Shane Ginnan – Yorktown’s New Town Marshall – Shane Ginnan is a 20-year law enforcement veteran who was most recently Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Noblesville.  Ginnnan progressed up the ranks from patrol division into administration and recently has dealt with policy issues and working with the schools in the City of Noblesville.  Ginnan comes from a family of law enforcement officers and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology. He further graduated from the FBI National Academy and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.


Ginnan wants to be a role model for officers in the Yorktown Community and especially the Yorktown Community Schools in building a school resource officer program. Ginnan believes there is a great deal of opportunity in the Yorktown area as the community grows and progresses. He is excited to be a part of the economic development and growth in the community and expressed a desire to work with the Chamber to make positive changes. Ginnan welcomed questions from Chamber members.


TIP OF THE DAY: Mark Goodpaster – Goodpaster introduced some tips for those who have difficulty sleeping and getting up in the morning. 1. Place the alarm clock far away from the bed, so you will have to get up to reset or turn off. 2. Have cold water to drink upon waking. 3. Be sure to establish a morning and night routine. 4. Be sure the room is dark and quiet if you have difficulty falling asleep. 5. Do not consume drinks that contain caffeine before bedtime. 6. Target a specified amount of sleep every night. 7. Do not get on the computer or phone before bedtime. 8. Read a book at bedtime. 9. Listen to calming music 10. Do not eat at least three hours before bedtime. 11. Keep the temperature in the bedroom below 75 and above 54.


MEETING ADJOURNED:  Next meeting – March 15, 2022 – Yorktown Fire Department Building