Yorktown Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Monthly Meeting

February 20, 2018

Mellott Family Center


INTRODUCTION AND WELCOME: Patti Decker, Matt Anderson, Pete Olson, Greg Hinshaw, Sarah McCord, Laura Mickler, Keith Gary, Mary Ann Stroeh, Starr Manning, Bonita Ramirrez, Kallie Sulanke, Tim Williams, Rick Yencer, Doug Baim, Fran Bullock, Terri Hutchinson, Mike Baker, Barb Baker, Al Baker, Chris Day, Brendon Comp, Rachel Tucker, Maureen Walby, Ed Armantrout


QUESTION OF THE DAY:  Ed Armantrout –What was the year of the first presidential election in which you voted?  Most responses were in the 1980s and 90s.


BREAKFAST SPONSOR:  Apex Benefits – Mark Goodpaster was unable to attend the meeting.


SECRETARY REPORT:       Approved a submitted.


TREASURER REPORT:      Ed Armantrout – Approved as submitted.


COMMITTEE REPORTS:  Four for the 4th – Chris Day – Things are status quo; registration is good at this time.


LUMINARY REPORT: Need clean water jugs for 2018 luminary festival


SCHOOL REPORT: Greg Hinshaw – Schools are required to have a school safety training specialist; schools will be audited yearly regarding safety plans. Plans are being reviewed for improvements at Pleasant View Elementary School. The School Corporation has the capacity to do the project without a bond issue. The project will include six new classrooms. There is currently a curricula review for elementary students. The schools are striving to be first in the state with e-learning, with practice in the fall that went well. One day will be made up prior to I-Step testing.


TOWN REPORT: Council Meeting to be held 2-20-18. In March, Tiger Drive Bridge project to bid, with work beginning in May with expected nine-month completion.  There will be two projects selected on Nebo Road, sidewalks on the east side and also a roundabout in that area. Downtown still in the design phase. Project on River Road at 500 still ongoing due to the weather.


BRE LUNCH AND LEARN:  Scheduled for 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Thursday, February 23 at Mr. Mouse meeting room.  Twenty-two people have registered.


PROGRAM:  Chantal West, Mrs. Indiana – Program on Diabetes Insipidus – Presenter did not show up.


Guest – Terri Hutchinson – Exhale Studios – Presented a short overview of Exhale Studios – a high performance yoga studio with a holistic approach to exercise and wellness incorporating mind, body and spirit, good eating habits, and dealing with stress. Hutchinson has started a new outreach to the community which is offering yoga based wellness programs to businesses and organizations. The programs include workshops, herbalists, stretching and strengthening, blood pressure control.  Exhale Studio offers dance classes for all ages and Christian based yoga. Exhale Studios has a Website and Facebook page.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The Kiwanis Club will be offering tax preparation by appointment for those whose income is below sixty-thousand per year. To make an appointment, contact Ed Armantrout at (765) 254-3929; Members were encouraged to support the Yorktown Public Library initiative; The Community Foundation is accepting nominations for the David Sursa Award for outstanding board members for non-profit organizations in the community; Applications for Community Foundation grants for non-profit organizations will be available March 1.


TIP OF THE MONTH: Keith Gary (provided by Mark Goodpaster) Uses for WD-40: Lubricating shovels, cleaning tile, scrubbing stainless steel sinks, removing gum, softening leather, keep legos from sticking together, removing crayon marks, prevent flower pots from sticking together, removing rust, cleaning saw blades, removing of goo from labels.




NEXT MEETING – March 20, 2018 – BRING A GUEST!