Yorktown Chamber -Awards Nomination Form 2018

Nomination Deadline:  11/16/2018 


Additional nomination forms can be found at: yorktowninchamber.org  or  Chamber FB page  https://www.facebook.com/yorktowninchamber/


Return form to Sarah McCord, smccord@cardinalcapitalllc.com


Nominations for the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards:

Please complete the appropriate nomination/s below with the name or business that you are nominating as well as a short description of why the nominee should be considered for the award.


Spirit of Small Business: The nominee should be a business owned and operated in Yorktown that has been active in the community.





Outstanding Contribution to Education: The nominee should be a teacher in the Yorktown Community Schools who has exhibited excellence in the classroom.





Excellence in Public Service: The nominee should be an employee of the City of Yorktown who has displayed exemplary service to the community.






Community Impact: The nominee can be an individual or business that has created jobs, made a positive environmental impact or made visual improvements to their home or business.






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